Where does the time go?


So Christmas, New Year, and then two more months happened. I guess 6 weeks without an update was a bit of a lie in the end – sorry guys! I could say that things got busy and hectic, and time just ended up flying by, but that’s no real excuse at the end of the day. I must have about 15-20 articles that I’ve started and not finished in my drafts that I could write out and publish when I get the motivation to write on them, but a lot of the information in there is outdated – even in just 3 months things have changed for those drafts to go out of date!

Regardless of me saying that it’s no real excuse, this article will kind of be a pilot in what I’m now going to be doing with the blog, to try and help me keep to a regular schedule once more. It’ll mainly be an article to tell you guys about what’s been going on in the week, and then I’ll supplement extra articles throughout the week if I get time to write and finish them! So what have I been doing to keep myself occupied over the past few months?

steam-1The Christmas Steam sale happened over the Christmas period (as is probably the best time to do such a sale) and I used and abused it to get games that I’ve either wanted for some time and bought on the cheap, or just games that seemed to intrigue me at the time. These games include things like XCOM, Assassin’s Creed IV, Dragon Age Origins, FarCry 3, Bioshock Infinite, and many more, so I’ve been spending the downtime of pre-expansion lulls on games like these whenever I feel like some single player action, and more recent purchases such as Banished and Thief have kept me well sustained on the gaming front – not forgetting old favourites such as Spore, Civ5 and Dota 2.

WoW logo transparentOf course, I’m still in WoW… From time to time. I don’t raid any more – I help out if I’m available, but with my work changes I can no longer commit to a raiding schedule as I can’t guarantee I’ll be there. I’ve moved from Nagrand back to Doomhammer again to be with friends, though this time I’m experiencing the other side of the fence with a Troll Druid, enjoying Berserking before Blizzard nerf it in WoD. As such, the time I’m spending in WoW is mainly mucking around with friends, and doing RBGs with the occasional raid slotted in between. I’ve picked up a heroic Malkorok kill, but I’m yet to even see the madness that is Spoils on heroic, though I’m sure I’ll get carried through it when the opportunity rises *winks*

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been given 50+ hour weeks at work, occasionally reaching 60 hrs. It’s been hectic the past several weeks to say the least, but now I’m down to 40+ I should be able to fit in at least this weekly article (here’s hoping I actually stick to it this time). If you guys are suffering from burnout like myself, I would really recommend checking out games such as Banished, Thief or Smite, or if you want to stay in the MMO genre, try and get yourself into the Elder Scrolls Online beta as it’s looking great so far! I’ll leave you guys with Pool Party Stitches, one of the skins available in the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.

stitches-beachpartyYes, that’s Stitches in a bikini. Yes, as soon as I’ve purchased Abathur so I can play him all the time, I will be unlocking this skin alongside a Pwnie for him to ride.