RL’s PoV: Patch Day Soon

Siege of Orgrimmar

 You must be tired already of reading about the new patch coming up! 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar.

And so am I. 5.4 is still to come but already I’ve seen enough. Enough for the coming days I’d say but unfortunately there is no rest for a Raid Leader of a progression raiding guild in these times. After spending about 5 hours arguing with my printer to even get it to work and print out all the tactics, tips etc. I could find of PTR testing. Today I sat down and started thinking of how to deal with all these fights in our current raid group. Who to assign to what, what to change in general tactics to work better with our raid composition, when to pop Heroism, you name it.

Its been almost 5 years now since I last went to school but before a patch, I feel like I’m studying for an exam again. Desk covered in print outs, notebooks everywhere with drawings, sketches of positioning, notes and assignments. Everything in the vain hope to get everything ready before the launch of Siege of Orgrimmar. But like a typical student one way or an other everything always ends up being delayed till the last possible moment. Not only that but the fear of it not being finished in time and hoping we have learned JUST enough to pass is getting bigger by each day. Unfortunately its not teachers I need to satisfy this time around, but 13 other people in my raid team. Who are all counting on me to have sorted this all out. For us to blast trough normals in the first week.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Thank god for my officers in this case. Usually underrated people in a guild but I can not thank them enough for what they do. Not only do they take all the extra obligations off me, they’re also there to go through this with me completely, giving me new perspective and ideas. And most of all, make me feel like I’m not completely drowning in all the information I need to process.

Yes for a short moment I will be enjoying 5.4, Wednesday where everything will be sorted and we can shine with all the work done. Just for half a week.

Then it’s time for heroic tactics again.