Nostalgia Hits the 10 Year Anniversary

10year anniversary preview

Not too long ago Blizzard announced that they would be doing a couple of special events in World of Warcraft to celebrate its 10 year anniversary! Both of which hit me right in the nostalgia on initial announcement, then once the news had settled in slightly I realised that I won’t be able to get the nostalgia feelings of old in this new update.

For the PvE crowd, we have an updated Molten Core for max level players to complete in a special 40man LFR and banishing the Firelord back into his domain will net you the Core Hound mount. It’s unknown if this new MC will replace the old one, like Onyxia’s treatment, or if Blizzard just keep it in the raid finder tool for us to explore, while still having easy access for those that are still farming pets, reputation, transmog or legendaries of years past. I’m also assuming that it’s going to have the tactics of old (though I hope that fire resistance gear isn’t required, or for bosses like Raggy to be fire immune), so my first holdup about this update are LFR trolls that will blow the raid up with Geddon’s bomb. They might neuter the damage and healing requirement enough so that you don’t have to tank/CC the extra adds that come with multiple bosses, and end up just sticking the off tank on them and either AOEing them down or ignoring them and just zerging the boss. Admittedly it’s hard to neuter a raid that could be done with 25%+ of the raid AFK when it was current content, but it’s not going to hit that nostalgia feel when I go into it to grab my Core Hound to match the adorable Molten Corgi pet from the anniversary.

Molten Corgi

For those that are nostalgic about the PvP scene, we finally get an update to the datamined Troll Raid 2 that was briefly available for war games in the beta. For this, we get a brand new battleground reminiscent of the old Southshore vs Tarren Mill skirmishes that took place before battlegrounds were implemented and easy to access. Admittedly Doomhammer back in the day focused more on Crossroads invasions, but we did see our fair share of battles for Hillsbrad. This updated version is a 100 vs 100 battleground in an all-out deathmatch available for a short time during the anniversary events, and while I did think how awesome it sounded, I remembered why I loved world PvP back in the day.

It was spontaneous – a low level would be ganked while questing, he’d ask in guild for backup. The ganker then goes and grabs backup for himself, and sure enough trade chat of Ironforge and Orgrimmar would be calling LFM to attack Southshore/Tarren Mill, and you’d get a whole assortment of levels ranging from 30-60, in multiple teams and having a constant push for control of Hillsbrad Tower – in addition to not knowing how many people the other faction had accumulated. Another factor I loved back then is that you knew who the PVPers were back then. Even though I haven’t seen much of them since battlegrounds went cross-realm, old-timer names such as Silvertotem or Ick were Horde to be afraid of on our realm, and these are names from 8 or 9 years ago! Unlike in this new incarnation as well, there was no real “we beat you, let’s go eat chicken” as the battle just kind of dissipated when more and more people had to leave for whatever reason. Attacking the towns themselves was raid-wiping, not to mention the slim chance of getting dishonorable kills and tanking your PvP standing like hell. So most of the time it would be fighting over the mid tower and then just dispersing slowly until it became 5v5 and you had to go raid.


This new version features none of those nostagia hits for me. At the end of the day, it’s just going to be 100 people spamming “inv” and then smashing into 100 other equal-levelled people. It might be more of a challenge when you can’t pick off the lowbies in one shot, but it’s also less rewarding to know that you only managed to pick up 30 or so people against their two full raid teams, and manage to trick or outsmart them to gain the upper hand for a few minutes.

Rant over anyway – it’ll be nice to see these maps of old being used for current content once again that you don’t solo, but for me it’s just not hitting my nostalgia in the right places unfortunately. I’ll likely be checking them out, particularly to get myself a new mount, but I don’t think I’ll be farming it too much for the duration of the event. We’ll be finding out later today on when the release date for Warlords is, and we’ll find out if these anniversary events will be level 90 or 100 endeavours. I’m going to lean slightly more on it being at least post-6.0, if not in Warlords itself, purely because of the map for the Southshore vs Tarren Mill battleground being in the Warlords files from its original misleading name of being called Troll Raid 2. With the anniversary itself being November 22nd, let’s hope that the release date is at least a month before their last target of on or before Dec 2oth!


Weekly Roundup: Dwarf-style


So I’ve brushed off my Paladin again this week, opting to go for the tanking path of WoW for the majority of my gaming this week. Still trying to get his legendary cloak, he’s been slowly getting 2 Titan Runestones per week, with the rest of the bosses in ToT and SoO proving fruitless other than the guaranteed drops. It’s certainly been interesting to note that every single time I’ve tanked LFR this week, I’ve been with a boosted-90 co-tank. Despite my initial fear of the runs being terrible because of them being boosted, I decided “why the hell not?” and continued with the runs.

Surprisingly enough, the runs went pretty smoothly, and wipes were minimal! Wipes that did occur were largely because of lack of DPS or lack of healing or whatever, but out of all the wipes, only one was due to a tank fail. Apparently, I’m a friendly guy and had about 6 people try to grab my real ID because of how friendly and informative I was to them in explaining the fights and what they needed to do as tanks… Conversations that largely went like this:

  • Co-tank: “Hi, what do I do on this fight?”
  • Me: “Do you have DBM or BigWigs installed?”
  • Co-tank: “Yes.”
  • Me: “Good. That’ll tell you when to taunt”
  • Co-tank: “Thanks!”


Of course, there are other fights that require a little more explaining, but due to my Paladin’s gear (and bubble-hax in ToT), I ended up solo tanking what I could or generally taking the dogsbody tasks of going up towers on Galakras or picking up adds on Sha with running to the far prison unlock, and letting the other tank solo tank and moving slightly for the prisons. I’m beginning to think that LFR horror stories aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be… Or I just got lucky and actually had people that listened to what I told them.

I’m slowly building up his Ret spec so he’s actually got a DPS spec to play around with… The main problem being that because of so much gear sharing with Protection that I’ve run into the same problem that my Druid has of shared gear. The problem is magnified for the Paladin because of the fact he has less gear opportunities to choose from, and he’s too poor being stranded on a server away from my Druid, so he can’t afford enchant/gem switches each time. Nevertheless, he’s beginning to catch up to my Monk’s damage, so I might have a respectable alt on Alliance side for DPS purposes soon enough! I just need to practice a little more with Ret to get the flow working properly, alongside setting up WeakAuras to tell me how to play (maybe even pick up clcRet if it still works).

Pleaxaco 291

Outside of the game, I’ve been enjoying another classic Dwarf pastime – the art of ale! I got my father a home brewing kit for his birthday, to follow up the Woodforde’s Wherry brew mix I got him for Christmas. So because of us both having a day off on the same day this Easter weekend, and with the weather appearing to begin to warm up, we started brewing our first brew! It was pretty fun as far as father-son bonding sessions go, and I’m certainly looking forward to reap our efforts in a few weeks time. Although having said that, for our first brew I’m pretty sure it’s going to go awful and we’ll end up having to pour 40 pints down the drain. If it works out though, yay for cheap beer! It’ll certainly be something I’d be interested in continuing at the very least, especially during the summer. Easter Sunday’s afternoon was also filled with us hosting for 10 in a family gathering – we all certainly had a great time, and as always it’s fantastic to see everyone!