Shinies for Pennies Through the Blizzard Store


While I’m very late on the bandwagon when the WoW blogging community exploded with the news of not just the cosmetic helmets being sold through the BlizzStore, but more recently with the news of experience potions and bags of Lesser Charms potentially being sold to the Eastern clients.

Now I’ll admit to buying both mounts as well as pets through the BlizzStore, even if I don’t use or see them all that often – some of them are still absolutely fantastic models and I haven’t regretted a single purchase I’ve made through the store. Even the troll in me still enjoys mounting up on the Celestial Steed from time to time, though these days it’s more “Where did you get that mount from?” instead of “LOL wasted money on TRH”.

So why am I yet to purchase the helmets? They’re clearly very popular, but seemingly many people have taken a strong disliking to anyone that has purchased it. I’ve even been in LFR’s where people were outright removed when the helmets first came out. We have a fantastic WW Monk in OMFG – one of the best players I’ve raided with – that uses the Firelord’s horns, so there are as always exceptions to the rule. But what makes the helmets so despised whereas the mounts and pets slide by freely?


Now I’m not saying that everyone buys the pets and mounts, because there are those that haven’t and will not buy anything from a game they already have to pay a monthly subscription for – after all that’s what pay to win games’ strategies are. But I’m in the mindset that I’m paying the exact same subscription as I was nearly a decade ago, so taking inflation into account, it’s no wonder that Blizzard might be seeking other options to get more cash from their subscribers. And it works very well – especially pets such as the Cinder Kitten that on release have a certain percentage go to a good cause.

Personally, for the cost of the helmets, I would have expected perhaps a full set instead of having to find armor to go with it. But they have been successful, and they do indeed look very good, but I hope it’s not going to be a recurring trend, to ask for that much money for one slot of transmog. Perhaps Blizzard are toying around with different ideas for their F2P model for TITAN and are working out just how many people would buy what on the Blizzard Store. And this is before even thinking about what could become of the experience potion and the Lesser Charm bags.

What do you guys think? Have you bought anything from the BlizzStore? Would you, if it were cheaper? And if you have bought things from there, what would be you personal limit?