WAWK: Warlock Artifact Edition


As we near the release of Legion, I realise that I have paced this Who Are We Killing Series very badly, but we’re now on our second to last class to explore their artifacts and what we have to do, or who we have to kill to get them. Warlocks have relatively had a good fantasy behind them for a very long time in WoW: Affliction was all about the damage over time and withering the life from their enemies, Demonology focused on demons and turning into a demon, and Destruction was for when Warlocks wanted to pretend they were mages.

Since then, not an awful lot has changed, other than Demonology focusing less on becoming a demon (thanks demon hunters) and more about controlling an army of demons and forming your own Burning Crusade against your foes. In Legion, they can wield the Skull of the Man’ari – a race of demons well known for leading other demons – so the weapon fits the role very well. Affliction uses Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester, to harvest the souls from their victims while Destruction wield the power of the dark titan himself in the Scepter of Sargeras.

Introductory Quests

A warlock cupboard appears and Ritssyn Flamescowl of the Black Harvest walks through, requesting your assistance. The Council plans to bring in powerful demonic allies, but the ritual lacks one person for this since the demise of Kanrethad Ebonlocke. You will be his replacement in the ritual. Take the portal, and aid the warlocks in their summoning ritual.

A pit lord by the name of Jagganoth, Overlord of the Dreadscar comes through the portal, and when Zelifrax attempts to enslave the annihilan to his will, he picks up the gnome and throws him across the room. In return for the attempt to enslave him, Jagganoth summons jailers of his own and captures the Black Harvest members and yourself, taking you all prisoner to Dreadscar Rift.

When you come to, you find yourself in a cage next to Ritssyn, and the elder warlock tells you to enslave the jailer in front of you to set you both free. Ritssyn is too weak to continue, but he tells you to go and free the rest of the council. Walk up the path, and you bump into a demon called Calydus. He tells you that he wishes to see Jagganoth’s undoing, so goes to distract the sentries while you go and continue on your way.

Free the three warlocks, and Shinfel Blightsworn carries on with her desire to enslave the pit lord, while the rest focus more on survival and escape. Destroy the two barrier controls nearby and the next stage of the scenario will open for you, and meet up with Calydus. He tells you that Jagganoth hunts powerful weapons and that you could use those weapons to rule Dreadscar.

Calydus tells you to follow him to the archives to find the Tome of Blighted Implements. Take it to retrieve information on the powerful artifacts you can use to rule Dreadscar, and Jagganoth finally notices what’s going on. He picks up Shinfel Blightsworn and throws her across the room (he seems to have a knack for doing that) and knocks the rest of you back, throwing hellfire all over the Rift.

Trying to make your escape, you lose the rest of your entourage to falling fel meteors until you get to the final portal. Xel’toth the infernal stops your way, but as soon as you defeat him the portal is yours to escape through. When you return to the Underbelly, Calydus tells you that the portal is closed for now, and that Jagganoth can’t follow through. He then explains that the book will embark you on one of three potential quests to find a powerful artifact to defeat Jagganoth: Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester, the Skull of the Man’ari or the Scepter of Sargeras.


Affliction – Ulthalesh, The Deadwind Harvester

Not much is known about the Affliction artifact, only that it was gifted to the first necrolyte of Azeroth, Sataiel, by Sargeras himself. The scythe was used to draw the souls of its victims, and earned its title when it was used to drain the life of all the inhabitants within Deadwind Pass, creating a potent magical nexus there in the process. The Guardian of Tirisfal hunted Sataiel down and turned the weapon on herself, sending her soul to join those of her victims. Since then, the scythe’s location has been kept a secret until recently, where it’s been found in the possession of the Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass. Hunt them down, and the scythe is yours.

Similar to Unholy Death Knights and Balance Druids of previous WAWK artifact articles, you must start your search at Manor Mistmantle in Duskwood. Upon turning up you find Revil Kost (of the comics) injured and telling you that because of your dealings with demons, he cannot help you in your quest to find the Dark Riders, despite sharing a common goal. You have options of different methods to convince him to help you, but they all end up with the same conclusion. He strikes up a deal with you: he will help you get your artifact, as long as you help him return the others in their possession to their rightful places.

Follow Kost while he explains a little backstory to the Dark Riders, about how they were originally a group of travelling merchants that crossed Medivh, and explains that Ariden was their leader. Along the way, you’ll be constantly ambushed by Dark Riders. Kost leads you to Ariden’s last known resting location within Deadwind Pass, and you have to search through the camp to find clues for where the Dark Riders current whereabouts are. Read through the journal, and one entry stands out, about how Ulthalesh calls out to him and the souls in Deadwind pulls his compass in all directions. Find his compass in the camp and talk with Kost.

The journal mentions a stronger pull for the compass, so Kost recommends showing the compass to a few camps of restless spirits around Deadwind Pass to point you in the right direction. Go to Deadman’s Crossing, the church and the bridge near Karazhan and you get to see glimpses into the past where Sataiel harvested the souls of Deadwind Pass. Meet up with Kost in the village surrounding Karazhan, and he tells you that the compass is pointing toward the catacombs beneath Karazhan.

Infiltrate the catacombs, and drop down to the bottom of the spiral stairway. Defeat the Darks Riders at the bottom, and you will be met with a corridor full of spirits grasping at the air above them, in a void zone-like manner. Use your Demonic Gateway to get past the barrier, and Ariden will disappear momentarily, and set The Conservator on you. Kill it, and Ulthalesh lies ahead of you. Attempt to grab it, and Ariden’s trap gets sprung. The Dark Rider leader incapacitates Kost, grabs the artifact and runs off further into the catacombs.

Chase him down and defeat him. The scythe ends up taking Ariden’s soul for itself, and you are able to take Ulthalesh for yourself! Judging by how its previous two owners have been harvested, I’d be careful with that if I were you… Kost enters the room when you have claimed your weapon, and tells you that he will return the rest of the other artifacts to their rightful owners, while hoping that he never has to work with you again.

Return to Claydus in the Underbelly of Dalaran, where he will tell you to return to the Dreadscar, kill Jagganoth and take his heart to the Seat of the Overlord – then claim Dreadscar Rift as your order hall!



Demonology – Skull of the Man’ari

Easily the oldest weapon that warlocks will wield in Legion, if not one of the oldest any of the classes can wield, this skull predates the eredar’s fall to the dark titan. Thal’kiel was one of the first eredar to learn summoning and binding magics. Driven by ambition, he reached into the Void and was answered with knowledge of dark creatures unlike any his race had seen before. Thal’kiel’s apprentice, Archimonde, discovered his master’s dark pact with the Void and shared it with his master’s fellow rulers. They banded together and struck down the eredar leader, gilding and putting his skull on display to present the dangers of the dark arts.

Unfortunately, we know how most of the eredar turned into the man’ari and followed the path of Kil’jaeden and Archimonde many years later, so the skull easily fell into the hands of the Burning Legion. Today, Mephistroth uses it to enhance his ability to summon and command demon armies for the Legion. There is one major weakness of the nathrezim wielding this however: the skull has a mind of its own, similar to the Shadowpriest’s dagger. If you can commune with the skull you may be able to convince it to serve you instead.

Calydus tells you to gather reagents in order to commune with the skull: grave dust, a can of overheated oil, and aged snowplum brandy and a stag blood sample. Collect the reagents from around Dalaran, and return to Calydus at the Violet Gate and perform the ritual to get the Skull of the Man’ari to tell you its location. You find out that the Skull is at Felsoul Hold, and fortunately Calydus can create a portal that will lead you directly to there.

The Skull tells you that the master is gone and that his minions are currently gorging on his power, so head down the path to find the Skull. Defeat the three Doomweavers, and Mephistroth appears to take the Skull before you can, and escape further into Felsoul Hold as he summons an overfiend to deal with you. Dispatch of the demon, and head across the chasm towards Mephistroth. He again flees and tells his minions to deal with you. Kill 3 waves of enemies before Lady Tyrana and Pain Mistress Nikta arrive. When you kill them, Mephistroth will attempt to break the will of the Skull, so you have to go and interrupt his ritual and defeat the nathrezim.

Before you can kill him, he once again escapes, but the Skull is yours to take. He creates a portal for you to get out of the Legion stronghold, back to Dalaran. Return to Claydus in the Underbelly, where he will tell you to return to the Dreadscar, kill Jagganoth and take his heart to the Seat of the Overlord – then claim Dreadscar Rift as your order hall!


Destruction – Scepter of Sargeras

The Scepter of Sargeras is a powerful artifact created by the efforts of hundreds of eredar warlocks, as well as the dark titan himself. It was capable of opening dimensional gateways between world, and the orc shaman Ner’zhul used it to open the portals that ripped Draenor apart, leaving behind the shattered realm of Outland. Thought to be long lost, it has returned to the hand of the Legion – most notably in the hands of Gul’dan.

Gul’dan is planning a major operation, and is calling all Shadow Council members to ritual. One such ritual is taking place at Caer Darrow in the Western Plaguelands, so you have to go investigate. The closest point of entry for you to get there is to take the portal to Dalaran Crater… Despite all the other classes who have to take that portal having access to stopping fall damage, it seems Warlocks have to take the fall with a soulstone already buffed on themselves to save the walk of shame back. Hope you didn’t prepare with elixirs and food buffs! Though sometimes Blizzard is nice and lets you survive with 5% health left anyway.

Make your way over to Caer Darrow and find three bits of information: some notes from the warlock Ur’dan on Caer Darrow’s and Tol Barad’s assets, including the search for the Eye of Dalaran; a forgotten letter in reference to the Book of Medivh; and a Council notice claiming that a new Gul’dan has returned to the Council, and that he’s calling all recruits to action. The last time [the Skull of] Gul’dan, the Book, Eye and the artifact we’re searching for came together, Ner’zhul ripped apart Draenor through the portals he created, so we can only imagine that Gul’dan is at the very least opening at least one portal to bring demons into Azeroth – who knows if he intends to turn it into Outland!

When you’re done searching for clues, Jergosh the Invoker – the previous end boss of Ragefire Chasm before the remake in Mists, and Braelyn Firehand – a quest giver from Stonetalon removed in the Cataclysm revamp, claim that they’ve found the Book of Medivh from the Scholomance, so it’s up to you to take it from him. Kill them both, and you receive the book as well as a letter from Gul’dan telling Jergosh his plans. Return to Calydus at the foot of the hill, and he formulates a plan to try and trick Gul’dan into giving up the scepter, and says that with the book in hand it’ll prove helpful to gaining his trust, though you’ll also need the Eye of Dalaran to earn more of his respect.

Take the portal to Tol Barad, and make your way to the cell blocks. Since people were last here in Cataclysm, it appears that the demons have run amok around the area. Enter the cells, and speak with Allaris, the Nightborn, and Nagaz – another quest target that was removed in Cataclysm’s revamp. They tell you to search for Nagaz’s last disciple as he hasn’t returned from his scouting of the overrun cells.

Once you find Tyranis Malem (hey look, another Cata-removed NPC), you find him holding onto a chain being pulled into a ball of void. You have the choice to either pull him out and save him, or to leave him to the ball of void… He already calls you out for being one of those “hero types” and says that he’ll vouch for you if you save him, but when has the Shadow Council ever kept to their word?

If you let him go, then when you return up the hallway Nagaz noticed that you were conveniently too late, and tells you to follow him to help him with something… Most likely a trap. He’ll attempt to kill you and take the book for himself, but you can easily turn the tables on him and continue to search the cell block with your Nightborn ally. You find a prison manifest on the table at the end of the corridor, and find out that a void terror named Occul’tharon absorbed the essence of the Eye of Dalaran in Baradin Hold.

Enter the Hold, and make your way to the boss room. Kill the void terror, and Narassin will take the Eye for himself allowing you to keep the Book. He tells you to make haste to the Tomb of Sargeras for the ritual, and Calydus appears to tell you to take his portal to Dalaran. He tells you to go to the ritual, steal the scepter and to get back out again to interrupt Gul’dan’s ritual, and tells you that he’ll help when he can.

Take the felbat, and arrive at the Tomb of Sargeras to join Gul’dan. He recognises you from your meddling previously, though still offers you a position at his side. He explains that his plan is to go to Argus to stabilize the anchor between the two worlds, and you will wield the Scepter, Eye and Book to widen the breach and create a myriad of portals. Narassin asks who between you and him should wield the staff, and Gul’dan says that only one needs to wield it. Kill Narassin, and Gul’dan promotes you within the Shadow Council, telling you to take up the Scepter and to begin the incantations.

Calydus tells you that now is the time to ruin the ritual. Overload the portal, and create dimensional rips in the sky above the demons surrounding you and kill them all. Escape through Calydus’s portal and return to the Underbelly, where Calydus tells you to return to the Dreadscar, kill Jagganoth and take his heart to the Seat of the Overlord – claiming Dreadscar Rift as your order hall!