WAWK: Rogue Artifact Edition



Forever feared in PvP while somehow finding their way into raid teams thanks to abilities like Cloak of Shadows, rogues have been a cornerstone of WoW thanks to them being one of the base archetypes in most fantasy games. Combat rogues got a new face in Legion with their new Outlaw spec, emulating swashbuckling pirates into their fantasy. Assassination and Subtlety still use daggers as they have done, though Assassination appears to have absorbed a lot of Sub’s bleeding elements and mixed it in with its usual poisons. Subtlety on the other hand has now incorporated much more of of the rogue’s toolkit on shadowy specialisation, with the same emphasis on Shadow Dance and working with stealth as they have done for a few years now – it’s just their damage over time focuses more on shadow energies instead of bleeds now.

The most famous set of weapons that rogues get in Legion will be Assassination’s. The daggers that Gul’dan gave to Garona to kill King Llane Wrynn that decided the conclusion of the First War, it seems fitting that we now use those same blades to eventually take Gul’dan’s life at the end of the first tier. The Dreadblades are cursed pirate blades that Outlaw that constantly require its wielders to kill, or else their owner loses their soul to the blades. For Subtlety, they get to join the ranks of demon hunters to wield a demon’s own power against them – though instead of consuming the soul of a demon, they’ll just use its fangs.

Introductory Quests

A Ravenholdt courier comes up to you to deliver an urgent message for you and you alone. Reading the letter, Lord Jorach Ravenholdt tells you to go to the Hall of Shadows, in the Glorious Goods store. When you give “Red” Jack Findle the secret phrase ‘The raven calls’, the door next to you opens up and you are able to enter the rogue class order hall. When you try to enter, a rogue pops out of the shadows and is about to attack you, until he realises who you are and tells you that the Uncrowned await your arrival.

Making your way through the Hall you’ll find yourself at the bar and Elling Trias. Behind him is a torch that activates another secret door that will lead you into the Chamber of Shadows. Speak with Ravenholdt, and he invites you to join the Uncrowned and become the last Shadow – the council which aims the blades of the faction.

Once you take your seat, he explains the purpose of the Uncrowned, and tells you that the events of the Broken Shore have forced their hand and want you to spearhead the operation against the Legion, and tells you of weapons that you can use to strike down the Legion’s best. Talk with Tess Greymane, Tethys and Valeera Sanguinar to decide which blade will be yours to begin with.


Assassination – Anguish and Sorrow

The most famous weapons on the list, largely because of their wielder instead of the actual weapons themselves, they were Garona’s daggers that she used to kill King Llane Wrynn, Varian’s father during the First War. Because of the atrocities that she was forced to do under Gul’dan’s mind control, she asked Meryl Winterstorm to hide the daggers away. However, since the Legion’s return and her being a little more stable in her mind since Cataclysm, she intends to use these daggers again to kill her former master and the demons he’s brought forth to Azeroth.

Tess Greymane tells you that Garona set out to assassinate the leaders of a Legion cult a while ago, but the Uncrowned haven’t heard from her since. You’ll have to find two warlocks, one named Caden Shadowgaze at the Altar of Storms in Blasted Lands and another warlock at Raven Hill in Duskwood called Felcaller Whitley. Kill them both and search them for information.

Killing Shadowgaze will net you a coded message, but unfortunately you have no way to decode it yet. Fortunately, Whitley has a Fel Cipher that’s bound to be useful for that. When you decipher the message, you find out that someone called The Herald tells Shadowgaze that there is an ascension happening at Darkshire, and that Sister Ebonlocke will also be there with the Skull and Blood of the Innocents.

Doesn’t seem to bode well for the citizens of Darkshire, and it seems that the Night Watch has been compromised too. You’ll have to retrieve the ritual items and try to assassinate Althea Ebonlocke. You arrive at Darkshire to find most of the citizens dead, so you quickly dispatch the traitors (or sap them from a distance) and make your way, gathering the reagents and attempt to assassinate Ebonlocke, where you find that her plans are to attack Stormwind. After a moment, she will blind you and make her escape, so while you have set the cultists back by taking their reagents, you will have to leave for Stormwind, as the trace for Garona will likely lead you there.

Arriving outside the gates to Stormwind, Garona tells you that the city is too important to fall to the Legion, and that she doesn’t trust Shaw or his SI:7 agents to handle it on their own, so it’s up to us to kill the Veiled Hand cultists – out of sight too, as the guards will also kill you and Garona on sight.

Before you even enter the city however, Shaw is already at the gate to stop you, and tells you that the city is on lockdown while they deal with the Veiled Hand. Garona tells you to create a diversion by meeting with Elling Trias and setting off a smoke bomb in a busy area. While the guards are investigating the ruckus, you should be able to gather some information and act on it without the risk of heavy reinforcements.

Once you deploy the smoke bomb inside the auction house, you’ll have to rifle through the pockets of a few guards to find a coded message. When you read it, you find out that the cultists will be meeting in the Pig and Whistle Tavern in Old Town, so that’s where our next stop will be!

The door to the tavern is locked, so when you open it the cultists all greet you with their daggers to your face. When you dispatch of them, Althea Ebonlocke jumps down to deal with you herself while you and Garona try to beat the information out of her to find out where the Herald is. As you kill her, she says that the Herald is in the keep – only the most fortified place in the city!

Dodging the traps and guards with heightened senses, you find yourself in the throne room where it looks like the ritual has already taken place. Fight your way through the fel winds (fairly simple with a quick shadowstep) and you find that the Herald of the Legion is Melris Malagan. Assassinate him, and Garona arrives to congratulate you on your efforts and gifts the Kingslayers to you. Take the portal back to Dalaran, back to your order hall.


Outlaw – The Dreadblades (Fate and Fortune)

Outlaw, the rogue’s newest spec, makes use of their new swashbuckling pirate theme by going straight for a pair of cutlasses. The current wielder of them, the Dread Admiral Eliza Goreblade discovered them just after the Cataclysm not far from Booty Bay. Rumours spread that if the blades are ever stopped being fed new victims, they’ll claim their owner instead.

Fleet Admiral Tethys tells you that the Dread Admiral also stole one of his ships – the Horizon’s Edge – and currently has it anchored off the shore of Azsuna. He strikes a deal with you: help him return his ship, and the blades are yours. Meet with him in Booty Bay aboard the Crimson Veil.

Fly down and board Tethys’s ship. Tethys will explain that his plan is to take the Crimson Veil as close as he can get without being seen and disembark from there. Once ashore, you’ll board the Horizon’s Edge, bribe her mutinous crew to hand it over, and hunt down Eliza and her blades wherever she may be.

Once you get there, you find that the whole crew is cursed, but you’ll have to sneak past to get to the first mate. Wade your way through the patrols and land mines and get to the top level of the ship. Beat him up a bit and you’ll convince him to leave the area. Now that the Horizon’s Edge is in Tethys’s hands, he’ll offer you naval support while you run up ahead and confront Eliza.

When you find her, she unleashes the sea giant she has chained up to attack you. Kite him into the big red circles on the ground, as Tethys is aiming at those locations to stun and deal a bunch of damage to the giant. Going into the temple, and you find three squallshapers powering up a massive water elemental that’s constantly gushing water in a circle around the room. Slay them, and the doors to the temple’s depths open and the water elemental dissipates.

Go down into the temple’s depths, avoiding the rocks falling from the ceiling. Taking the left path will take you to a treasure that gives you a 5% damage buff, as well as another giving you some of the famed Thistle Tea. Your prize however is at the end of the right path. Kill Eliza and take her blades as your own. Escape the collapsing temple and take a flight back to Dalaran, back to your order hall.


Subtlety – Fangs of the Devourer

Subtlety are much more the magical side of the rogue class now (other than Outlaw somehow summoning a ship’s cannonfire indoors) with their specialty of the shadows. Their artifact daggers, the fangs of Sargeras’s personal hound Goremaw the Devourer, compliments the theme very well in that its bite carried a shadowy withering essence. Mephistroth crafted the fangs into daggers when the hound fell long ago, and passed them onto the eredar Akaari Shadowgore.

Every attempt on the eredar’s life has ended the same: she’s gone before the Uncrowned even arrive. Gather intel from certain contacts within Dalaran to find out what they know on Shadowgore’s whereabouts: Desmond Gravesorrow, Val’zuun and Lucian Trias.

Attempting to find Gravesorrow leaves you with a corpse and a Shadowgore Darkcaster standing over him. Deal with the intruder, and search Gravesorrow’s body for clues where you end up finding nothing. Trias also brings up nothing when you enquire about any clues he may have, but at least he’s still alive. Val’zuun in the Underbelly (wait, why is there a Man’ari Eredar in Dalaran?) tells you that Akaari is currently within the city of Dalaran itself, and he will trade you her location for a rune of portals.

Returning to Valeera, she suggests to “borrow” a rune of portals from Archmage Celindra. Dodge the traps, and return to Val’zuun, where he tells you that Akaari is in the Legerdemain Lounge. Head over there, and go upstairs to confront Akaari, where you find out it was all a ruse! Valeera suggests to head back to Val’zuun to show him what happens to people that dare cross the Uncrowned.

When you get back to the Underbelly, Sanguinar is already there about to slice him when he begs for mercy and tells you that he can take you to Akaari’s stronghold in the Twisting Nether. He says he will open a portal using the stone you provided him with earlier, and will guide you through the stronghold, but you will have to take care of Akaari yourself. You don’t trust him, but he’s the only lead you have. Take the portal to Shadowgore Citadel, and make your way across it to engage in combat with Shadowgore herself once more.

Beat her up a bit, and she stuns you and summons a Soulkeeper to imprison you within the citadel. When you wake up, you’re inside a cage, but the Soulkeeper is nearby to pickpocket, grab the key and escape. Reclaim your weapons and open the holding cell door, where you’ll be met with Xirus the inquisitor. Kill him, and find Akaari again overseeing a ritual to summon Kil’jaeden. He congratulates her on what she’s done, and imbues her with his blessing, and ordering her to dismantle Azeroth’s kingdoms from within.

Well I don’t know about you, but that’s not a good plan for us! Kill her finally once and for all (or at least until she comes back from the Nether) and take the Fangs for yourself! Escape the citadel through the portal and return to the order hall.

WAWK: Priest Artifact Edition


Well over halfway through in part 8 of our current Who Are We Killing series, we have the champions of faith, the Priest. The only class to have two healing specialisations, priests have always been flip-flopping between holy and discipline whenever the tier has made the spec overpowered in comparison to the other. Up until Legion, this trend has usually favoured discipline, but now their playstyles and theme differ so much, that we might actually see a balance between the two healing specialisations… At least in raiding content, as discipline is struggling in smaller content right now! For their weapons, discipline attempted to create a caster version of Ashbringer (that a dreadlord corrupted) and holy uses the power of the naaru to heal their allies in Legion.

Oh, and they have a shadow spec that’s continuing its Lovecraftian theme of surrendering to madness and the will of the Old Gods, while using a weapon that is truly of the void nature.

Introductory Quests

A hooded priestess alerts you in Dalaran to go meet with her leader at Faol’s Rest in Tirisfal Glades. Despite everything being all shady and mysterious, you decide to follow this priest’s directions and head into what could end up being a trap to find many hooded priests and someone named Calia (spoiler, Arthas Menethil’s sister) and Alonsus Faol – the latter being the founder of the Church of the Holy Light and responsible for the creation of all paladins. Unfortunately he seems a little worse off these days as an undead, but at least he’s no longer a mindless Scourge!

He claims that priests of all denominations need to work together in order to fight against the Legion, and he nominates you to be the leader of them all. It is here that he asks you which artifact to focus on to begin with: Light’s Wrath, T’uure or Xal’atath.


Discipline – Light’s Wrath

After the success of the Ashbringer, fanatical Scarlet Crusaders attempted to recreate a second Ashbringer – only this time in the form of a staff. A nathrezim infiltrated the order however, and caused the ritual to fail in a giant fiery explosion. As a result, the damaged staff’s power proved nearly uncontrollable, so the Kirin Tor locked the staff away in fear of the damage it could cause. Sounds like a safe weapon for us to use, we’ll be ranged Retridins in no time!

Faol advises us to go to Kalec in the Violet Citadel to find out where the Kirin Tor hid Light’s Wrath, and as it turns out the power was hidden within the Nexus Vault in Coldarra. He warns that the Nexus hasn’t really been visited since the disbanding of the blue dragonflight, so suggests to find some intel on Coldarra at the Blue Dragonshrine in Dragonblight. This sounds familiar to the Arcane questline if you’ve been reading the previous series.

When you get there, you find the area filled with void beings so you have to find clues as to what happened here. Ethereal portals, void-tainted blades on the corpses of focus wizards and void siphons placed where void energy was released when Malygos forced Azeroth’s ley lines into the Twisting Nether are all clues as to what’s happened at the shrine, before finding an ethereal communication device at the south-eastern corner of the shrine. It appears that to find out more we’re going to have to turn the device on!

Turning it on causes Nexus-Prince Bilaal to appear and tell you that you’re too late, that the powers within the Nexus Vault already widen the breach into the Twisting Nether, and that the Ethereum (remember these guys from TBC?) will be able to use this power to become void creatures themselves. Kalec tells you to scout out a few key locations in Coldarra and report back to him what you find.

The Ethereum have altered the Surge Needles and are tapping into the void energy caused by a rift that’s created underneath them, shielding the Nexus foundations, and inspecting the nexus building itself tells Kalec that the energy from Aluneth appears to be breaking free from the weakened vault. He formulates a plan to use the altered Surge Needles against the Ethereum. To begin with, you need to empower yourself with the unstable arcane energy around the foundation of the Nexus by either defeating the arcane aberrants around the area or siphoning the breaches of arcane energy.

Once you infuse yourself with enough energy, you turn into a disco ball of light, Kalec tells you to unleash that energy on the focused void underneath all three of the Surge Needles. When you do, it is Azuregos of all blue dragons senses your presence within Coldarra, and Kalec asks that you put an end to the ethereals within the vault and claim Aluneth for yourself, to free Azuregos from their grip.

When you enter, Azuregos tells you that the Ethereum have stolen anything of worth, and tells you to take the fight to them instead of taking the treasures straight from him. Nothing is ever simple these days, is it? Defeating the scions of fire, ice and magic releases Azuregos from the trap and will aid you in getting to the vault. Making your way through the Nexus, it becomes apparent that Light’s Wrath is no longer fully contained and there are series of traps around the halls that would be harmful toward you if you happened to step in them. Levitating over holy fire flood and avoiding the explosions will make light work of the instability as you fight your way through the Nexus.

When you reach the Librarium, Azuregos claims that Malygos broke the entrance to the vault when he breached the Twisting Nether during the Nexus Wars. Before you can continue to find another way into the vault, Judgement’s Flame appears and tries to kill you. Mind control him to make him kill himself. After dealing with that, you continue through the Nexus to find another way into the vault – through the rift.

Since you last came here, it seems that the Ethereum have done some internal decorating by removing the bridge to the rift, so you ride atop Azuregos to make your way over to Nexus-Prince Bilaal, who has turned himself into a void revenant – similar to Xhul’horac in Hellfire Citadel’s void version. Once you defeat him, Azuregos can open a portal to the Nexus Vault and explains to you that you can only leave the vault with the weapon, and you must first gain control over it.

Simply walk up to it on its plinth and start the 20sec channel on the weapon. The weapon will try to kill you but all you have to do is keep yourself alive through non-Atonement means, and Light’s Wrath will suddenly become friendly to you, allowing you to take it into your arsenal.

When you return to the Nexus, Azuregos congratulates you on acquiring the staff, thanks you for freeing him, and tells you that he will secure the Nexus to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands again. When you are done, he provides you with a portal back to Dalaran to notify Kalec of what’s happened, before you return to Alonsus Faol once again, this time in Dalaran, to set up your class hall.


Holy – T’uure, Beacon of the Naaru

Holy Priests get to use the raw power of the Light in their weapon, in the form of an ancient beacon crystal gifted to the draenei in eons past by the naaru. The crystal was unfortunately lost on a Legion-invaded world and hasn’t been seen since, up until a rumour that’s spreading around involves a soldier in Dalaran having seen the lost crystal in possession of the Legion.

Vindicator Boros is in Dalaran currently tending to the wounded soldier, and most treatment methods are being resisted. In his delirium, he mentions the lost crystal, so Faol asks that you return to Dalaran to heal him up and try to find any clues to where T’uure could be recovered.

Head to the first aid store, and when you dispel the magic effect on the soldier, a bit of fel tainted blood is released and attacks you. Killing it will cause the soldier, Defender Barrem, to get up and run out of the store. Chasing him down, you ask him about T’uure, and he says that his cellmate in the demon world he was held on mentions that she saw the crystal, but didn’t say a lot else. It’s time for us to find this cellmate named Alora to find the next clue!

When Barrem and Alora escaped the Legion world, they attempted to run to safety but Alora tripped, and the Legion dragged her back to the prison world. Barrem asks that you help free her, and Vindicator Boros offers his aid in this quest. In a short flight to Darkstone Isle, you find a Niskaran Executioner attempting to break Alora, though even when you defeat the demon, the draenei appears to have not made it. Fortunately, it appears that players’ resurrection abilities are canon, as you can revive her to get her to tell you everything she knows.

In your conversation, you find out that a man’ari eredar named Lady Calindris was carrying a staff of darkened crystal, seemingly corrupted by the demon. She tells you that you must get it back and restore it to its pure form, but before you can continue to find out where to find this man’ari, an inquisitor interrupts your converstaion and tries to take you away to the demon world. Fortunately, the demon hunter Jace Darkweaver saves you, Boros and Alora. It appears that Jace is also hunting the demon wielding T’uure, and makes a deal that you can take her weapon in return for you watching his back as he consumed her soul.

Going through the portal at the top of the hill, you find yourself on Niskara, with Boros already injured. Heal him up, then aid Jace attack Commander Xovoth and destroy the anchoring crystal. Up ahead, you find another prisoner to free, and Bo’ja the troll mage joins your team to help defeat Captain Naranoth. Bo’ja tells you that she’ll join you in killing Calindris. Opening the doors next to you, you’re ambushed by a pack of fel bats, before you encounter Lady Calindris herself.

After a short fight where your holy attacks also help purify the staff and ends up burning the demon alive, T’uure is yours to take! Jace and Boros have a fun interaction between light and darkness, and the troll has enough and makes a portal to get out of there. Take the portal, and you find yourself back in Dalaran, where you can set up your order hall.


Shadow – Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire

Shadow priests have always had a mysterious story behind where and what they get their magic from, at least during the earlier stages of the game. They shared similar abilities that the minions of the Old Gods used, but at the time most people assumed it was Blizzard just reusing art assets. As the game progressed, it became more and more apparent that shadow priests are nearly as, if not more dangerous, than warlocks and demon hunters when it comes to toying with forbidden magics.

With Xal’atath and the new talents introduced in Legion, any mystery on the link is now wide out in the open. Your shadowy raiders are actually using the primordial Lovecraftian powers of the world, and their weapon was made from the claw of an Old God eons ago. Dark priests have used it for sacrifices, and the weapon has been hidden away ever since. Any time it has surfaced, it was always associated with horrific ritual or disaster. In true shadowpriest theme, the weapon has a will of its own, using powerful void energies and mind magics to warp everything around it for some nefarious purpose. It also whispers you. Who needs friends when you have Xal’atath?

Faol tells you that Moira Bronzebeard has a double agent within the Twilight’s Hammer, and says that a new leader is rising and plans to cement his ascension using the artifact. We are going to have to stop the ritual and seize the weapon for ourselves. The ritual is close by, at Tyr’s Fall in northwestern Tirisfal Glades. You’ll notice if you’ve done the Arms or Holy artifact lines that the camp you go to is the same, just this time it’s full of Twilight’s Hammer cultists. It seems that in the trio of events Shadowpriests are the ones first to the party! Find three clues to learn of the Shadow Deacon and his plans for ascension.

Enter the tomb in the lake, and you’ll be met with two Shadowcasters protecting the tomb. Shadowlord Slaghammer comes out from the shadows and assists you in taking down the two Twilight cultists, and subsequently takes down the barrier protecting the door to the tomb. When you go into the entrance of the tomb itself, you find that the cultists are suppressing Tyr’s wards so that the Deacon can do his work uninterrupted. Kill them, and kill the fleshy Old God minions from the wards that spawn… Before you find that a trap was set in case that happens.

Quickly deal with the Amassing Darkness, and a couple more cultists come up from the prison to try and stop you. Going into the prison chambers you find another cultist, and more tentacles than a hentai comic in your way. Fortunately you can mass dispel to get rid of them all, but even Mind Sear will remove a lot of them with ease.

When you finally get into the prison, you find that the Shadow Deacon is none other than Bishop Farthing! Seems that the Church of the Holy Light really was corrupt once Faol left to go north. Deal with the faceless guardian and corrupted, while Slaghammer goes to deal with invading cultists from behind, before dealing with Farthing himself. When you get him low health, Xal’atath relinquishes itself from Farthing’s grasp, and kills him for you. The blade tells you that it will aid you for now as it sees you and it (though a female voice…) doing great things together.

The blade can tell that you’re eager to feast on the fallen titan’s minions, but first you must consume the essence of Zakajz, the fallen C’Thraxxi that the Twilight’s Hammer was trying to restore. Seems a little weird for Xal’atath to go against an Old God general like that instead of trying to convince you to join the Black Empire, but it might be playing the long game…

Return to Faol in Dalaran, and he and Velen will aid you in starting your class order hall.

WAWK: Monk Artifact Edition


The second of WoW’s classes to be added, Monks have been part of the game for nearly four years as of this writing, and I believe it’s safe to say that they’ve been one of the more volatile classes when it comes to gameplay ever since. In Mists itself, Windwalkers could never focus on a mastery to stick around with up until Warlords where all three specs received fairly large overhauls in their gameplay. Now in Legion, all three specialisations have completely changed their style of playing once more. Let’s face it, if you choose to play a Monk you’ve got to get used to change. That may be why their player numbers are on the lower side of things…

Regardless, their weapons are equally unimaginative between themselves – with little lore outside of Pandaria it’s hard to think of impressive artifacts that they can wield. What they can wield, is staff crafted from the first of Pandaria’s forests; using the same staff that their most famous and last emperor, Shaohao, used during his series of trials; and wearing the fist weapons literally imbued with the essence of the Windlord, Al’Akir, Blizzard have made a good effort to design weapons for monks that we can feel are awesome. They’re no Felo’melorn, Ashbringer nor Doomhammer, but Fu Zan, Sheilun and the Fists of the Heavens are mighty weapons to take up against the Legion.

Introductory Quests

Straight after settling Dalaran in its new location above the Broken Isles, Initiate Da-Nel runs up to you claiming that Grand Master Hight has requested all senior monks to return to the Peak of Serenity as soon as possible, so it’s high time that we use our personal teleport to get to there!

Master Hight explains that the Broken Shore was a massive blow to the Horde and the Alliance, but before he can finish a young monk comes rushing in, warning of a Legion invasion at the Peak! The monk then gets picked up by an infernal and pummeled against the opposite door, before you dispatch of the infernal.

Heading out of the doors, you find that the Legion are swarming everywhere at the Peak, so you’ll have to fight your way through to the Cave of the Crane. When you reach the cave, Number Nine Jia thanks you for helping save the ancient scrolls, and tells you that Chen Stormstout was teaching a class of youngsters when the attack began, so we have to go round and help him. She will turn you into a zen sphere to take you close to Chen, but not close enough that you’ll have to fight through some demons to get to him.

When you get to him, Lasy Keletress will taunt you, saying that you can’t hide and that the monastery will burn. When you save him, he will assist you in fighting demons on the way back to the monastery, where you will meet back up with Master Hight. The Grand Master will tell Chen to take the cubs to a safe location far away from the Peak, while you and Hight will seal the portal.

Running down the steps, you face against the Portal Master, Jorvinax, before destroying the master fel stone in front of the Legion portal. When you try to destroy it however, hordes of demons come through the portal, so you do a small jump and spinning kick to take out the stone and black out… Before arriving at your class hall, the Temple of the Five Dawns on Shen-zin Su, the Wandering Isle.

Fearsome Jang greets you at the base of the Temple, and tells you the bad news that Grand Master Hight now rests with the ancestors, and that the new leader for the monk order should be you. After a short ceremony, you are able to choose which artifact to pursue.


Brewmaster – Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Champion

As one of the oldest weapons on Azeroth, Fu Zan dates back to when the titans first molded Azeroth. Long ago, Keeper Freya set out to populate the world with life, and she place one of the first seeds in Pandaria. From the seeds grew Fu Zan, the first of all of Pandaria’s forests, and the ancestor to all of the region’s forests. Before continuing on her journey, Freya fashioned a walking stick for her travels before passing it onto the Jade Serpent, Yu’lon, who later gifted it to a hozen known as the Monkey King.

The Monkey King hung his most prized possessions from the staff, and it is said that the bearer of the staff cannot be harmed by any weapon, so we must begin our search for this weapon with the Monkey King himself. He was last spotted at Tian Monastery in the northern part of Jade Forest. When you arrive at the Ring of Balance, the Monkey King is already there, overseeing a bunch of hozen being trained in the ways of the monk. He then gives you three rhyming riddles for you to solve, in the riddle of purity, of the barrel and of the land.

Fortunately, Blizzard’s quest tracker will lead you directly to where you need to go and what you need to gather. Gone are the days of working things out for yourself… Then giving up and searching for the answer on Thottbot, Allakhazam or (currently) Wowhead. All three of the answers are in the Valley of the Four Winds, so you’ll have to take a flight over to the Pools of Purity as your closest stop, taking care of Desecrator Ma’veth who is currently corrupting a Pandaren Water Spirit. Take the Pure Water Core from the Spirit, and the Monkey King will appear in front of you to tell you to carry on finding the other riddles.

The next stop for both the riddle of the barrel and of the land is at the Imperial Granary, where the Legion are, predictably, setting fire to everything. Grab sacks of grain dotted around the place, and in the top floor of the building is a demon holding onto a barrel of brew. Kill him and take it for yourself. When you hand in the riddles, the Monkey King makes you go flying again – this time to the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest. I get that you want us to see Pandaria again Blizzard, but couldn’t you have kept everything in the Jade Forest? It doesn’t give a great sense of urgency too, as when you’re flying over the continent you don’t actually see any signs of Legion invasion – only at the points where the Monkey King tells you to go.

The Monkey King tells you his final task is to help him with brewing in order for him to tell you where his weapon lies. It’s one of those simple “I tell you a clue what item to press, and keep doing it until the bar fills up” kind of deals, and after you finish with all the ingredients the Monkey King tells you that the staff was only a gift from Yu’lon while he completed his task. After the task was finished, he had to return it to her (seems like a good closing clause for us to relinquish the weapon at the end of Legion too, huh?).

We accompany the head hozen to the temple to request the staff from the Jade Serpent, and we find that the temple is suddenly overrun by the Legion, despite it being peaceful and tranquil just moments before. You’ll have to fight your way round and save who you can starting from the Scrollkeeper’s Sanctum. You fight your way through to Belphiar, an observer, who is currently feasting on the minds of a couple pandaren, though when you defeat him you find that Lorewalker Stonestep did not make it, unfortunately – you may remember the Lorewalker from the 5man instance.

The Monkey King tells you that Yu’lon is in trouble, and that you have to come and help immediately to fight off the demons while the Jade Serpent recuperates. When she eventually revives herself, she goes on into the temple itself to fight off a monstrous felbat while you fight its rider, Lord Korithis. When you succeed, she will grant you Fu Zan and offers to take you back to your order hall.


Mistweaver – Sheilun, Staff of Mists

Mistweavers get to wield the staff of the last and legendary emperor of the Pandaren, Shaohao. The last time the Legion launched a full-scale invasion of Azeroth, the emperor received a prophecy that the Legion would leave the world shattered, so to save his people he embarked on a series of trials. When he finished, he became part of the land, and vanished into the mists that enshrouded the continent, now separate from the rest of Kalimdor. The staff he took on his journey, Sheilun, clattered to the ground, where it lay until monks of Tian Monastey found and took it to the Terrace of Endless Spring for safekeeping.

The current major Legion invasion has broken into Pandaria and Shado-Pan defenders have rushed to secure the area. They haven’t reported back, so it’s up to us to save their hides! Considering this is the healing line, I’d guess some are alive, but we have to help keep them that way…

Tak-Tak will take us back to Pandaria, to the Terrace of Endless Spring, where you will find our good old Shado-Pan friend Taran Zhu waiting for you.

And he’s gotten himself injured again.

When you heal him up, he will tell you to free the other Shado-Pan while he takes on Hellwarden Xaphan. Taking down the jailer will allow you to carry on up the terrace, where you get to choose which of the Shado-Pan members you wish to focus on keeping alive while they go be a terrible tunnel-focusing DPS. The choice is between Fei Li, the firemage; Taoshi, the rogue; or Hawkmaster Nurong, the hunter. Whichever you choose will affect how the fight progresses, but it’s largely down to your own playstyle as a mistweaver to go for mana regen, mobility or attack speed.

Or you can go for all three bonuses if you feel up to the challenge and overgear the scenario. Speak with Taran Zhu, and your crew can start attacking Aspersius. When you defeat the fel-blighted water elemental, Sheilun, the Staff of the Mists, is yours to take! Short and sweet for the mistweavers, not an awful lot going on here!


Windwalker – Fists of the Heavens

Moving away from the Pandaren culture (seeing as there’s more than just Pandaren Monks in this game), the Windwalker artifacts look at one of our side-character races, the tol’vir. Tol’vir smith Irmaat crafted a magnificent pair of handblades thousands of eyars ago, however he was unsatisfied with his work, so he set out to try and capture the essence of the Windlord, Al’akir. The elemental lord of air was not amused by the tol’vir, and to spite him he poured significant amounts of raw elemental fury into the blades, and when Irmaat unleashed their might, a giant vortex sprung up, taking out the city and scattering the weapons to the winds.

Little more is known of them, so it’s up to us to see if the legends are true as these weapons would be beneficial against the Legion invasion. Iron-Body Ponshu tells you that Li Li Stormstout is one of the most traveled people on the Wandering Isle, so it is best to start with her to find the whereabouts of this weapon. She tells you that she met with a tol’vir in Booty Bay, and tells you the legend of the handblades concerning Irmaat and Al’Akir.

She tells you to take her kite and meet her in Ramkahen, and once you land she tells you that while you’ve been taking the scenic route, she’s been in discussion with King Phaoris, ruler of Ramkahen, and found out that he can help as long as we take care of a problem for him: an elemental called Nader attacking his people.

You quickly take care of Nader, where he mentions a lord Typhinius, and grab the essence of the whirlwind for the first clue and return it to Phaoris. He tells you that using the stone will take you to Skywall itself, and says that the Fists of the Heavens should be in the elemental plane of air. When you arrive, Li Li immediately gets herself into trouble with Typhinius, and its up to you to save her. You then make your way through Skywall (ahem, Vortex Pinnacle) to destroy 3 stormtouched orbs to bypass the raging winds.

Getting to the end of the platform will cause Typhinius to appear again, and send four of his minions against you, alongside a couple extra enemies per wave, with an air elemental dragon (the Cataclysm winds dragons, not the new storm dragons from Legion content) who you defeat and then jump onto the back of. Zaurac, the dragon, will take you to Typhinius himself, who you also end up defeating. When you win, the Fists of the Heavens are yours to keep!