Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and welcome to ExcitedSoup’s blog!

Most of this blog will be about World of Warcraft, and my views and opinions on different subjects within the game, as well as one or two guides whenever I feel like doing one. I’ve played WoW since March 2005, and have mainly been either a Resto or Balance Druid, with a bit of Prot Paladin and Guardian/Feral Druid mixed in between.

I used to be on Doomhammer-EU under the guise of Battlecry, I switched to Nagrand-EU as a Druid named Excitedsoup in <OMFG Kittens> around summer 2013. Following burnout from WoW, I switched servers and factions a couple of times to be able to muck around with friends, and I came back to Doomhammer Hordeside before finally settling on Emerald Dream in the guild <Bridgeburners>.

As a result, I now have multiple characters split across Doomhammer Horde/Alliance, Nagrand and Emerald Dream servers, with a little gnome hiding away on Argent Dawn whenever I feel like playing a Warrior.

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