WAWK: Demon Hunter Artifact Edition

Demon Hunter Emblem



The next chapter in the latest Who Are We Killing series features the brand new class available to players, Demon Hunters. Although we haven’t had any semblance of class backstory in Warlords or previous expansions, that’s not to say that everything about this class is brand new or unknown. Some faces will be recognised, some are brand new, but Demon Hunters have been a part of the Warcraft franchise since Warcraft III (in the versions that we play them in Legion at least) so it’s not going to be along the same lines as introducing lore for Monks was in MoP.

Introductory Quests

It’s difficult to write about the Demon Hunters’ weapons without including their introductory experience as a class, as it’s hard to know if it’s the prequel events in the Vault of the Wardens where their artifact storyline begins, or if there’s no prequel and it just starts in Dalaran. We’ll know in 7.0 for sure as we get access to DHs before Legion launches, and if it’s just Mardum or also the Vault, but here I’m just going to outline the events from Dalaran onward.

There are only two specialisations for Demon Hunters, and as such there are only two sets of artifact weapons available for them: The Twinblades of the Deceiver and the Aldrachi Warblades. To receive them, whoever you sided with in the Vault of the Wardens will ask which path you wish to take.


Havoc – The Twinblades of the Deceiver (Verus and Muramas)

These artifacts get the shorter end of the lore warglaive in comparison to the Vengeance counterpart. Simply enough, they belong to Varedis Felsoul, a Demon Hunter who used to be a member of the Illidari (questers of TBC may remember this guy) until he was killed by “adventurers”. Apparently, we didn’t do a good enough job and Kil’jaeden revived him within the Twisting Nether, allowing Varedis to succumb to the demon inside and forsake the rest of his mortality. Alongside this, his Warglaives were also empowered with a piece of the Deceiver’s chaotic power

To find Varedis and his stronghold, we are tasked with interrogating Taldath the Destroyer, an eredar lord held captive within the Violet Hold. After gaining entrance to the Hold, the Warden opens up the cell containing Taldath, and a short taunting and fight later we find out that he is stationed in Suramar.

We’re then tasked with taking a small strike team to Felsoul Hold… Where only you survive the trip – not even your bat mount survives! After a crash landing we are told to destroy the three wards protecting Varedis’ personal sanctum. After defeating a pair of mo’arg brutes sent by Fel Commander Igrius, you can destroy the first ward (or sneak past them and skip them altogether).

For the second ward, you must defeat Igrius himself, as he sends some felguards to pepper you at the same time. Finally, the last ward is protected by a group of summoners who sacrifice themselves to summon the Fist of the Deceiver. Similar to the first ward, you can sneak past while he’s being summoned and deactivate it without aggroing him, before Varedis makes his appearance.

Taking him down to ~10% finishes the scenario, as his stuns you and Kil’jaeden summons him back into the Nether… I guess our business with Varedis will be continued! He throws his weapons aside, claiming that he has no need for mortal armaments, and runs through the portal while you’re still stunned. You then grab the warglaives and make your escape via felbat as your allies have conveniently cleared the skies for you.

Once you make your return to Dalaran, you are welcomed by your fellow Demon Hunters and told to jump off Dalaran and glide down to the Illidari Redoubt, where you will sacrifice a pack of demons to open up a gateway back to Mardum, where the Illidari have taken over the Fel Hammer, your Class Hall.


Vengeance – Aldrachi Warblades

The aldrachi were a race that were one of the few that Sargeras found to be incorruptible when they stood against the Burning Legion. It took the Fallen Titan himself to kill the aldrachi’s greatest champion according to legend, whereupon he seized the Warblades. Years later, the traitorous Illidari Caria Felsoul served under Kil’jaeden willingly and pleased the demon lord with her loyalty, so he bestowed upon her the Warblades, where every soul she claims, the stronger she becomes.

The Illidari sent a small force to find her, though they haven’t heard word since. Jace, another Demon Hunter, has a Legion communicator that he believes can reach the missing force, but they require a power source that Khadgar may be able to supply. After you meet with Khadgar he goes through his belongings… Including apexis crystals, soul shards and arcane powder, he finds a crystallized soul just hanging around in one of his chests – handy!

Bringing the soul back the Jace will allow him to see where the task force is, and we find out that Allari the Souleater (another Demon Hunter – they seem to share names that could be found on demons) found the Warblades at the Broken Shore, before she gets attacked by more Legion forces. We have to go on a covert mission to retrieve the Warblades. After a short trip to the Broken Shore we’re welcomed by a mass graveyard of demons, along with Allari chained up to a column. Free her, and she will aid you by yelling at you from afar… Or using telepathy, or something, whatever these new chat bubbles at the bottom of the screen are meant to be – she’s too weak to carry on at this stage.

Closing a couple of demon portals down the road, and Allari joins you to defeat Doomheralds Saera and Taraar, who appear to be summoning something. Once they perish, you realise that their ritual had completed as Gorgonnash rises up from the pool of lava behind them. Keeping light on your toes and you take him down too, before you have to use your special class ability Spectral Sight to work out where to go next. Somehow you remember what Eye Beam is for a pile of rocks covering an entrance (Vengeance DHs replace Demon Spikes with Eye Beam), and you walk through a narrow passage fighting off demons before you reach an interesting mob: an Aldrachi Revenant.

Why is it interesting? Because it spawns as a void revenant – it might just be a placeholder as Blizzard haven’t got the art down for this new and extinct race (whom we might only see referenced in the Vengeance DH artifact questline), but if it really is a void revenant: thinking about how Sargeras was unable to corrupt them, are they linked to the Naaru? Or worse, the Old Gods and their masters, the Void Lords? It’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard expand on the Aldrachi lore, because there are also the void rips in the cavern floor and the mob himself deals a stacking debuff on you called Dark Presence – evidence all pointing toward the void. We know that Gul’dan was tinkering around with void energies thanks to the Shadowmoon Clan and what ended up becoming Xhul’horac in HFC, but if the Burning Legion allies with the Void Lords we could all be in some serious poop.

After you defeat the Aldrachi, all that stands now is Caria Felsoul herself. She has been iterated on since her original release, but all you have to do now is leap away when she uses her slam ability, and as always: adds>boss. Once she’s dead, claim the Warblades as your own, and return to Dalaran to be welcomed by your Demon Hunter allies. Once there, you can jump and glide off of Dalaran to the Illidari Redoubt to open up a portal back to Mardum, where it turns out that the Demon Hunters have now taken over the Fel Hammer there.

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