BlizzCon 2015 LIVE: World of Warcraft: Legion – Game Systems


21:58: Wardrobes are going to automatically add every item you’ve got in your bank, void storage and inventory, as well as options from quests you’ve already completed (even if you haven’t picked that reward). You can save looks per spec, and hide shoulders. Three new transmog options are also included with weapon enchants, shirts and tabards! There was way too much cheering for my liking for the option to be able to hide shoulders, I have to admit…

21:55: Transmog 2.0 is coming! They want to help clean up bank and inventory, expand customisation options by having a Wardrobe collection. They’ll automatically be added when you collect it, so you can get rid of the item afterwards if you wish. They’re account wide too! The UI looks very similar to the Diablo system – not that I’m complaining as I’ve asked for precisely this. Unfortunately for me, there’s a collection system at the top and I simply gotta catch em all.

21:54: All Legion items will have a chance to drop with an increased item level. Duplicate personal loot can now be traded as well, which is a fantastic change!

21:52: Rare world drops are returning, but their power is going to be relevant throughout the expansion. They’ll also have unique effects similar to what they were like back in vanilla, such as blocked attacks generate rage, damaging abilities have a chance to instantly kill enemies at low health, etc. These rare world drops are now legendaries with the interesting equip effects.

21:51: Bacon is included next expansion! That’s a seller right there!

21:48: Inscription is changing so that major glyphs are being removed from the game, thanks to the artifact traits. Minor glyphs are now applied directly to spells and are no longer capped to 3. Vantus Runes are weeklong buffs that scribes can create that will allow you to do extra damage against a particular raid boss. You can only have one active at a time.

21:47: Goggles will now have new effects, such as shooting a bullet, or guaranteed gem slots, or class-specific buffs.

21:45: Recipes will now have ranks in terms of how efficient an item is (spoilers of new profession UI, favourites tab as well as a list of all learned and unlearned recipes!) – such as shorter creation times or reduced mat costs. Obliterum is an ash that will increase the power of items, an Obliterum forge in Dalaran can destroy crafted items you don’t want into Obliterum and use it to empower a crafted piece you’re wearing.

21:41: Professions are getting an overhaul of tons of new content. They want you to go out into the world and find recipes. As a tailor, you can go to Dalaran, and get a quest to find out what kind of cloth is in the Lost Isles. Thread ends up not working with this new cloth, so you have to go to Aszuna to talk with an elf and he’ll teach you new recipes. Then there’s quests and stories to help bring more immersion into the game through quests. Gathering nodes are now shared in the world too, bots rejoice!

21:40: Major talent revision: fewer theme rows of pure CC or pure mobility, etc. They’re aiming for more choices that matter, more spec-specific talents as well as… What, HUNDREDS of new talents? Holy crap, talent trees going back to old systems?

21:37: Demonology is getting more immersive by giving them more minions to summon, but are removing metamorphosis. Guardian Druids aren’t focusing on dodging as much any more, but are more focused on being massive hulks of flesh that enemies have to get through. Shadow Priests are about tapping into the powers of the Void, of the powers of the Old Gods. New resource for Shadow Priests is purely Insanity – no more Shadow Orbs or Mana. They’ll start to get more tentacles growing out of them. They have “ultimate but fleeting power”. Sounds kinda like Arcane Mages.

21:34: Arcane Mages get a new mastery: Savant. It gives them more mana and gives them more power over when they can do their bursts and high damage abilities. Other more distinct changes are things such as Survival turning into a melee Hunter. Discipline Priests are changing to have a core mechanic with Atonement, dealing damage to do healing. Subtlety Rogues are getting an improved version of Shadow Dance – it’s passive and any time you do your finishers you have a chance to re-enter stealth. Teleporting around the room is another trait that Sub will be getting.

21:31: Zierhut enters the stage with other class changes! Blizzard are wanting to enhance a strong class fantasy. Death Knight runes are being condensed into one type of rune – but still 6 of them. Fury Warriors have set charges and are tracking a bunch of buffs all the time. Anything that’s a stacking buff is also being removed, and Arcane Charges are now a resource instead of a buff.

21:29: Vengeance is still in heavy development, but the goals for them is a demon inquisitor, they use protective spells and they inflict pain. They have their own metamorphosis that is a strong defensive cooldown, but they can’t talk about much else for the spec. That’s a shame 😦

21:28: Spectral Sight is on a 10sec cooldown that allows you to see stealth, invis and allows you to see through walls with a Widowmaker-style silhouette on walls!

21:26: They’re also masters of fel magic, with Chaos Nova, Eye Beam and Consume Magic. With these abilities the inner demon comes out, but Metamorphosis is also a 10min cooldown that makes you have 100% leech and improves your blade attacks for 30secs!

21:23: Fury is the resource for Havoc DHs. It’s generated by abilities and used by powerful attacks (looks like rage initially). Demon’s Bite generates fury, and Chaos Strike uses it (but is refunded if it crits). Some abilities don’t interact with Fury at all, such as Throw Glaive. Mobility abilities for DHs include Double Jump, Glide (reduces falling speed when you jump again in the air), as well as Vengeful Retreat (Disengage) as well as a charge ability. They’re going to be very mobile DPSers.

21:22: Additional customisable options are available for DHs, such as horns and tattoos and blindfolds.

21:20: Next up is more information on Demon Hunters! They are a dark hero, they’ve sacrificed their souls to fight a threat most people don’t know even exist. They take the weapons of their enemy and use it against them: fel magic, warglaives, etc.

21:18: Class quests will be present in Class Halls too. Armor stands will be there to show off sets you’ve gotten from previous raids. Hunters get access to eagles that gives them more flight options. Druids get portals to natural locations within Lost Isles. Warriors can spar with others for bragging rights. Every class will get their own version of a Death Gate, such as Hunters using the eagles from before to take them to their Class Hall.

21:17: You will find an altar in your Class Hall – Shaman get a rock on the edge of a cliff near the Maelstrom – where you can improve your artifact. Class champions will be present in the Class Halls too, where NPCs we already know and love will be there instead of the nameless followers we had in WoD.

21:15: Druids kind of already had a Class Hall with Moonglade. It welcomes a large variety of Druids already, but it lacks a home for Feral/Guardian Druids, and could show more influences of the Emerald Dream within the zone. Therefore, Druids are getting the Dreamgrove in Val’sharah – a sanctum that only Druids can go to.

21:12: Class/Order Halls: the goals for them were to have a location that strongly represents the class – Fray Island was a good place for Warriors back in the day, but at the end of the day it’s a desert island that doesn’t seem epic enough for Warriors to feel at home; that they’re a group that can welcome in the greatest variety of members of that class; and for a cause that is dedicated to stopping the Legion, there will be some that we’ll recognise and others that will be made specifically for Legion.

21:10: Video of the different artifacts and their skins we’ll get. Some do look pretty awesome but there’s no real link as to who they belong to – don’t forget to check out to see what your spec is getting!

21:08: Upgrading your artifact is another questline in outdoor content as well as dungeon content at 110. You’ll unlock the first new model at this stage too. Different colours and skins are available too, possibly linked to achievements or they have stories linked to the skins such as killing someone who previously owned the artifact in that way.

21:07: Relics will be acquired in different ways, that will increase the item level of your artifact, or give free bonuses for your artifacts. You can focus on different aspects of play, such as burst, sustained damage or survivability.

21:06: Toward the end of the trees, you get powerful abilities like an ability to cause your enemies to explode in fel flame when you kill them. Eventually you will be able to unlock every trait in the artifact – months into the expansion.

21:04: Artifact Power can come from quest bosses, rare spawns, rare drops, dungeon bosses, raid bosses, winning battleground and arena victories. Earn enough of this and you can unlock traits, active or passive – increasing the crit chance of Unstable Affliction or increase the damage of Seed of Corruption. Sounds very much like the oldschool talent trees!

21:01: Artifacts and Class Halls are the first things to be talked about tonight! Focusing on the Deadwind Harvester artifact for Affliction Warlocks, you go with the Black Harvest to a Legion world. Karazhan features in the questing experience, going into the catacombs. It’s a soul-based weapon, so enemies you kill increase its power, and sometimes souls escape the weapon that you can kill again for another soul.

21:00: There’s a lot to talk about in this next hour as we get more information on classes (including Demon Hunters), artifacts, itemization, professions and other evolving gameplay elements. From interviews over the past 24hrs as well as teasers from the Legion website itself, we know what the artifacts will look like: from Demonology’s floating skull to the Scythe of Elune for Balance Druids, but it’ll be interesting to see a little more about this new dynamic levelling experience and to see what Blizzard have planned for professions this time around.

Over on the panel stage, there’s a panel on the Art and Craft of Cosplay, which is a nice new thing to have as it’s non-Blizzard employees taking the stage to celebrate one of BlizzCon’s oldest fanmade traditions.

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