BlizzCon 2015 LIVE: Heroes of the Storm – Hero Deep Dive

Heroes of the Storm

23:11: Shotcallers: State of the Game panel will talk about this!

Unstoppable, why is Muradin still Unstoppable as opposed to others? Technical reasons mainly, some weren’t meant to be unstoppable to begin with.

Are multiple talent builds something they strive for, or something that they hope just ends up happening? Largely just hopes that they fit into roles that players put them in to.

Cho’gall: What happens when Cho disconnects? AI takes over for now, but they’re trying to get Cho to listen to Gall’s pings for movement. It’s not too bad the other way around as Gall’s AI is good at hitting skillshots!

Warlocks? Gul’dan is being worked on right now!

And that’s all for the Hero Deep Dive!

23:06: Arena Mode – Could it have 5x Aba’s or 5xTLV’s as a team? Tested, 5 warriors against 5 warriors last forever, but it will be case by case.

Cho’gall, who picks talents? Both have their own talents and own heroics to pick from, both unique from each other!

Specialists, where are they? Just a stretch where other roles had to be added at the time, no plans (Cho’gall started off as specialist)

Gender-bender skins? Talked about it, implementation can be tricky and it’s down to resources. Great suggestion.

Gnomes and smaller sprites? Asks audience if they want Gnomes? Lots of cheering!

Where the trolls at? Couple that they’re itching to get in, depending on when the roster sees fit – Trolls and Draenei!

Mounts/Skins for Cho’gall? Cho and Gall can both select the skin and the mount, the RNG will choose one to get their mount, the other will get their skin.

22:59: Death animations: Does Blizzard have any plans to not ragdoll all heroes on death and instead bring up some new death animations for Diablo/Protoss? Good feedback, may come in later on!

Legendary skin: Infested Nova? Can’t talk about that!

Old IPs – Blackthorne? Not working on him but he’s on the radar!

Some… ridiculous merging of some guy as a hero, typical Q&A questions

Justice League Task Force skins? We’ll look into that.

Cho’gall: How is he going to be in the competitive scene (even in HL) with pick/bans? Can’t be first pick or last pick: banning one head will ban the other. Open to feedback!

Carbot has a horsehead on a stick, can we get it? It will likely come along!

22:58: Cho’gall is a big guy, and it seems his mount is CARRYING it at increased speed, haha! Finally, a short teaser of what sprites Tracer has as the first Overwatch hero to enter the Nexus! Now onto questions!

22:57: 2,200 gold for winning for games as Cho’gall with partners who have not unlocked the hero! Wow, I’m definitely being baited into that! Who wants to be the Gall to my Cho? I promise I won’t run into the enemy core with you!

22:54: It looks like that they’ll share a healthpool too, so getting a ranged assassin with an insane health pool seems like a strong concept… I guess you don’t get to control where you go as Gall (not that it’s a bad thing in HotS), but if you take out Cho’gall, you’ve effectively gotten rid of 40% of the team! I wonder what happens if Cho disconnects and becomes a bot…

22:51: Cho controls the movement, and is the warrior of the combo, though Gall is the ranged caster riding shotgun with low cooldown spammable abilities. Abilities will synergise well together where their E will have Cho throw out a ball, and Gall will explode it at the best time.

22:50: Riding shotgun in testing was a fun experience – I can imagine this is going to be like hatting someone as Abathur, just you only get to ride Illidan all game… Not too different to how most games go then! There’s no problem if one team has only 4 heroes too, they can tune him up!

22:47: Over the past year or so we’ve been seeing some very unique MOBA heroes that would only work in HotS: Murky, TLV and Leoric. So now they looked at TLV, and wanted to instead of have one player control three characters, it’s now two players control one character. So how does this work?

22:46: Discussion of which type of Cho’gall to use. Previously he’d been a low polygon sprite in Warcraft II, and over time he jacked up on Old God juice to make him more monstrous – it was only in WoD where we got to see him as a “normal” ogre. And it seems that this is what we get as our version in Heroes!

22:43: Talking about Cho’gall as he was one of the first heroes that was going to be in HotS before there was even a talent system, and I see Mekkatorque in the top right corner! Regardless, let’s talk about this unique mechanic that Cho’gall has.

22:41: Marked for the Kill is the first heroic in his human form, allowing him to shoot a target and making them vulnerable. As a worgen, Go for the Throat is a rapid attack that will attack a target that, if it kills the target, allows you to use it again within 10 seconds. Triple Tap level 20 upgrade at level 10? Ok I’ll take that. Inner Beast and Curse of the Worgen weren’t discussed in detail unfortunately.

22:38: His shapeshifting allows him to use his E ability to use Darkflight to lunge forward and leaps in as a Worgen to deal extra damage, or to Disengage to roll away and shoot from afar. His Q is Gilnean Cocktail as a human that deals more damage to others behind the primary target, but in worgen form this Q turns into Razor Swipe on a low cooldown to AoE in front of him.

22:34: Greymane is going to be a ranged assassin alongside Lunara, interestingly enough for a Worgen with claws. However with these two forms he starts off as a ranged character as a Human, then can finish you off after shapeshifting in his Worgen form.

22:32: Greymane is the second hero we’re getting a look at from BlizzCon, and once again we’re looking at the silhouette he portrays – in both Human and Worgen forms! With the enhanced look he’s getting in Legion, it’ll be good to see how the new look transfers over to Heroes.

22:30: A wisp is her E ability. This looks like a good way to scout out bushes and the fog of war. She gets Greater Spellshield to reduce incoming magic damage by 75% and at level 20 she can Abolish Magic, which will remove CC effects from herself and her target, and reduces damage over time abilities. This is a good way to carry over the fantasy of the Dryads from previous games.

22:28: Thornwood Vine is her first heroic that has 3 charges that is a line attack. Her other heroic is Leaping Strike, where she leaps over the enemy and throws her spear on the target, with 2 charges. It’s quite a nice amount of movement you get from the second heroic, so it can get you out of sticky situations well.

22:26: Nature’s Toxin is her trait, where she poisons enemies she hits. Noxious Blossom is her Q that’s a ground target AoE and applies her trait. On W she uses Crippling Spores, that will slow down any enemies affected by her trait.

22:24: The Dryad model has certainly seen improvements since the Warcraft III days! She looks stunning! Now we get to see her kit: her mount is replaced by Dryad’s Swiftness, where her movement is a bouncing animation. Overall it’s around 25% faster, but it’s quick/slow/quick/slow movement.

22:22: 17 weeks in total for testing new heroes, and lots of emails being sent around looking at the vision sync of what the heroes actually look like. Lunara is half night elf, half deer, so the silhouette there is very diverse from the current hero pool.

22:20: Paper Design is 2 weeks long, where they look at the core of the hero, strengths/weaknesses etc, then they go into Tech Design for 2 weeks where they design their abilities. AI Playtests last for 1 week to see how they play, before going into 8 weeks of design playtest before finally having the design team playtest for 4 weeks.

22:17: Blizzard are explaining what their thought process is on introducing new heroes. They look at what franchise they’re from, what roles are being played, and what silhouettes are currently being used. With the three new heroes announced they’re different enough each time. Varian, Kel’Thuzad, some Goblin, Firebat, the Innkeeper from Hearthstone, and a bunch more heroes were suddenly teased on a splash image on the presentation as heroes in development – along nearly 200 more ideas!

22:16: Lunara, that’s her name.

22:15: Quick on the tail of the WoW panel, here is our Hero Deep Dive for Heroes of the Storm where we will join the development team to take a closer look at all of the new Heroes coming to the Nexus! This panel conflicts with the WoW Cinematics – The Road to Legion over at the panel stage that I’ll likely be covering later. Remember, we did get the Arena announced, but that’s likely going to be for tomorrow’s Battleground panel. We’ll likely see more to do with Cho’gall and his two player interaction, alongside Greymane and the Dryad lady!

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