BlizzCon: Live Updates and Initial Thoughts!


BlizzCon is looming closer, with more and more leaks and announcements steadily making their way into the internet. While they all look pretty cool, it’s a rare moment for me to want to avoid these potential leaks and wait these final few days to hear them from Blizzard’s own mouth, instead of somebody trolling Reddit or MMO-Champion. There have been an increasing amount of fake news and people spouting that they’re some Chinese Scrolls of Lore legitimate leaker, that I’ve been disillusioned by many of the spoilers over the past year.

Nevertheless, I have access to the Virtual Ticket this year instead of going to BlizzCon itself, and I’ll be watching particular panels throughout the event and will be attempting to do live updates of those panels I watch. This will be the first time I ever do anything like this, and the events go late into the night local time for me, so it’ll likely be terrible and an excellent learning experience for next time!

You can expect live updates (hopefully) for the following panels. All times are in GMT:


  • 19:00-19:45: Opening Ceremony
  • 20:30-22:00: World of Warcraft: Legion – World and Content Overview
  • 22:15-23:15: Heroes of the Storm – Hero Deep Dive
  • 23:30-00:30: Blood and Treasure – New Content and Features for Reaper of Souls
  • 00:45-01:45: Overwatch: What’s New


  • 19:30-20:30: Heroes of the Storm – State of the Game
  • 21:00-22:00: World of Warcraft: Legion – Game Systems
  • 22:30-23:30: World of Warcraft Q&A
  • 00:00-01:00: Heroes of the Storm: Battlegrounds

No Hearthstone or Starcraft details from me unfortunately, but that’s largely because I haven’t invested much time into those games and feel that my initial thoughts wouldn’t venture far from simple “Ooh that’s pretty cool” when in fact it ends up being something not worth talking about or disgustingly OP. Also, as you may notice because of both main stage and panel stage events being on at the same time I’ll only be able to cover half the panels – the rest will have to be watched and discussed later on. Be sure to check out my BlizzCon post from two weeks ago to remind yourselves of what to expect at these panels.

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