WAWK: Hellfire Citadel Part II

Hellfire Citadel

From the Hellbreach and into the Halls of Blood, we’re continuing our series of Who Are We Killing by exploring the backstories and the reasons why different encounters are within the raid! In the Halls of Blood, we have three more encounters filling out the rest of the lower section of Hellfire Citadel: orcs, orcs and (ex-)orcs, but it’s the final time we see orcs as bosses for the rest of the expansion! In here we have the Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg Deadeye and Gorefiend!

High Council

Hellfire High Council

As advisors of war I’d have thought this trio would appear later on in the raid, but here we are with the most powerful orcs to come out of drinking the blood of Mannoroth (other than Kilrogg and Gul’dan). Dia Darkwhisper, formerly of the Shadowmoon Clan, is a master of void magic that rivals perhaps even Ner’zhul’s and acts as Gul’dan’s left hand – I assume after Cho’gall had betrayed Gul’dan and perished in Highmaul, he needed a new champion of the void that wouldn’t succumb to this dark master Cho’gall mentions. Gurtogg Bloodboil emerged victorious a hundreds times over by trial of combat, while the third member of the High Council, Blademaster Jubei’thos of the Burning Blade, was the only one who managed a draw.

Most fresh in our minds with regards to alternate timelines of orcs we’ve already killed, Gurtogg Bloodboil was a memorable fight from back in Black Temple days of The Burning Crusade! However, even back then he didn’t have any character buildup so we don’t really know an awful lot about him, other than him being a really big orc and he has an insatiable bloodlust that causes him to sometimes fixate on a target and for whatever reason has a knack for raising the body temperatures of those furthest away from him.

Those that have played Warcraft III may recognise the Blademaster joining in on the fight, Jubei’thos. Interestingly enough, in this timeline he becomes the leader of the Burning Blade clan after Azuka Bladefury’s demise (it’s assumed) whereas back in WCIII he was a member of the Blackrock clan. I had a bit of trouble when Warlords was released and found out that the Burning Blade had allied with the Iron Horde when in the main timeline they’ve usually been without chieftain and, more importantly, held loyalty to no one. Although this could still be viable, as we don’t know events of the Burning Blade before the Second War that could have led to this clan’s regression. Still, in Blackrock or in Burning Blade, it seems that his lust for demons is still the same.

Dia on the other hand is completely new and has never been mentioned before in Warcraft lore, although we kind of got rid of most of the Shadowmoon Clan already, and they’re the ones most likely to know void magic. Maybe Nethekurse instead of making him a rarespawn in Tanaan? Though he mainly played with felfire anyway, and that doesn’t really follow the idea behind Darkwhisper’s abilities shown in this encounter. Instead of secreting Dentarg away in the legendary questline where he’s not particularly memorable, he could have been a good option here too to have three nostalgic bosses (one back to WCII, one to WCIII and the final one to TBC). Wasted opportunities, Blizzard, wasted opportunities…


Kilrogg Deadeye

Our next stop in nostalgia-town is the final killable warlord on the box of WoD (spoilers, we don’t kill Durotan or Grommash this expansion – unless Blizzard decides to throw a spanner in the works between now and 7.0, and Gul’dan is stated as a boss in the first tier of Legion). Kilrogg Deadeye of the Bleeding Hollow clan has been an interesting character to me. As outlined in the Lords of War video, Kilrogg and his entire clan know how they will die in a coming-of-age ritual practiced throughout the clan. If they see an event coming up that does not include this vision, they will march head-first into it with all the ferocity they can – after all they already know they’ve won!

That’s what makes the 6.1 legendary questline trailer interesting for me: Kilrogg already knew that he would die as a fel orc inside Hellfire Citadel, and so he resides within the Halls of Blood, waiting to lock eyes with the ones he met in his vision. He was always going to “betray” Grommash by drinking from the cup, but I’m guessing he withheld on certain information to Gul’dan that his killers may also be the ones to stop any plans he had with the legion overall – a double agent as it were. It keeps his death honourable, that all orcs strive to have while keeping to his clan’s traditions.

He could have outright denied the vision by never drinking the blood of Mannoroth and cheated his death. However, the rest of his clan likely also saw their deaths in Tanaan Jungle as fel orcs too, so that would have been pretty awkward to tell them that they no longer know how they’ll die, and for them to go into battles without the surety of their deaths isn’t a great morale booster for a clan that have always known if they will die in this fight.

In essence, we kill him here because that is what his destiny was.



Another character who’s history has massively differed between the main timeline and this alternate one, the final boss of the Halls of Blood is Teron’gor in his alternate incarnation of Gorefiend! If you ever thought that souls were not just edible, but also had calories, this boss is your answer – an abnormal amount of them also seems to have cancerous properties, unfortunately. So draenei souls are definitely off the weight-watchers lists!

For those that didn’t make the reference yet or begin the Tanaan Campaign quest chain, Teron’gor became Gorefiend after we sent him to the depths of Auchindoun. In order to power the Dark Portal for yet another invasion on Azeroth, it was the power of soul magic that would ignite the portal and keep it maintained. Knowing that he didn’t have the numbers to capture and slaughter draenei like he did in the main universe’s version of opening the portal, Gul’dan settled for sending Teron’gor to Auchindoun, the mausoleum city of the dead, to “bleed it dry”. Whether or not he intended to become the vessel himself or carry a LOT of soul shards around with him remains to be known, but thanks to our meddling it becomes the former.

Yeah, we helped Gul’dan with his plan. Again. During the Tanaan Campaign, we are sent to Auchindoun because the Auchenai sensed that something felt wrong about the place since Teron’gor’s attack, and we find Teron’gor has slightly transformed while bathing in some fel soup and eating a rather large portion of draenei soul goulash – he’s also taken the new name Gorefiend. Tyrant Velhari (a boss we’ll talk about another time) and Adept Vatrusta are protecting him as he gorges on more souls, though when we interfere Velhari and Gorefiend teleport away to Hellfire Citadel while Vatrusta fights us off to give them time to escape.

In Hellfire Citadel, it can be believed that Gorefiend is the battery to open the portal to Azeroth, unleashing the souls he has consumed in order to power and maintain it. Defeating him and releasing the souls of the dead will bring some comfort to the Draenei, but will also cause Gul’dan to go to desperate measures to try and stop us later in the raid.

Interestingly enough, Blizzard decided to call his orc Teron’gor instead of keeping his Orc name Teron Gorefiend – introduced in Warcraft II he was already a Death Knight so could have had the name change when his orcish soul was in a human knight, but even when going to his past he was never called Teron’gor. Minor slip-up on their behalf, or did they want to differentiate between the TBC raid boss, the Warlords questing experience orc, and the HFC raid boss?

And that concludes the Halls of Blood, and the orcish part of the expansion! Next up is the Bastion of Shadows for Arakkoa and Draenei-themed bosses and the start of the Burning Legion and Shadow Council influences among the non-orcish races of Draenor! Two of which are again old friends from TBC, while the final encounter is newly added for the tier.

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