World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Release Date!

Wait, what? Long break of posting and then two articles in the same day?! I’m just like a bus…

Anyway, we finally have our release date for the next expansion! I have to admit, from BlizzCon last year and Blizzard stating that they’re a lot further along with the expansion than we thought, many people were hoping for alpha or beta soon after BlizzCon 2013, and a release as early as April or June. With Blizzard being so quiet for so long, many fans became disgruntled and suspicious, and we eventually saw Blizz announce alpha in April, and we only got the beta in June. So much for those initial release thoughts…


I’ll have to admit, I thought even once the beta came out that testing was a little too focused and taking a long time, which spelled even darker thoughts about a quick release date. First Frostfire Ridge only being open, then only Shadowmoon Valley… But Blizzard soon picked up the pace and released both Gorgrond and Talador, and before I even got the chance to finish Gorgrond, let alone Talador, we saw the rest of the leveling zones released of the Spires of Arak and Nagrand. I haven’t had the chance to explore those two final zones yet, as Blizzard decided to wipe people’s toons, and I didn’t really want to burn myself out by playing the starting zones over and over again before the game even comes out. Especially when the zones were fairly solid to begin with and had little to no bugs to report in any case.

With the final of the heroic mode bosses tested and fleshed out earlier this week, all we have to do now is test any new mechanics that arrive in mythic, and then work through the number crunch stages for LFR and normal modes! Not to mention the first numbers pass to classes will be coming along soon, too. It strikes me as a little odd that suddenly many things are being presented to us all at once at the end – does the ground work really take that long?



Blizzard must have underestimated how long Warlords would take them post-5.4, especially with their patch release cycle being so quick at the start of Mists. While I’m not going to dig for the actual quotes, I do believe I remember reading somewhere the pace patches came out in Mists were the pace that Blizzard were planning on releasing content to us… And then here we are with our biggest content drought the game has ever seen. Assuming the theory that dev teams work on every other expansion, I think they could have spaced out the launches of each patch by at least a month extra so that this dry spell wasn’t so painfully long. Unless Blizzard wanted the Mists team to be finished ASAP so they can work on 7.0 to be released shortly after the final patch of Warlords. Only time will tell.

With regards to the cinematic though, Blizzard have really outdone themselves again with this trailer. I really don’t know why they went with the option of making the Warcraft movie live-action with lots of CGI, when their own cinematic team makes these truly epic scenes and clips. Admittedly a few minutes is a lot easier to make than two and a half ours of this stuff, and with the tools to create these being improved all the time, that it won’t look up to date when the movie did come out, but even then Blizzard are still lightyears ahead of the game when it comes to these! Don’t forget to check out Lords of War too if you enjoyed the Burdens of Shaohao miniseries. Admittedly the start between Varian and Maraad was a little bit bad, but finding about the history of Kargath was so beautifully done.


All aboard the hype train! Warlords is going to be available to play from November 13th! I hope we’ll get Garrosh heroic down by then…

UPDATE: Added video links to the cinematic trailer itself as well as to the Lords of War mini series, episode one.

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