Weekly Roundup: ExcitedSoup Heads to BlizzCon 2014!


Whether it was a gift or a curse last night to be suddenly struck with a minor case of manflu, while feeling terrible and sorry for myself it helped me stay awake until 3am for BlizzCon tickets to go on sale in the UK (damn time zones…)! The very first batch of tickets were gone within seconds, and I mean seconds: I was hastily refreshing the EventBrite page from about 02:55 just in case the tickets went out early, and sure enough they did. Although it was at 02:59 on my clock when the “N/A” button turned active, I tried to grab my ticket. I was put into the waiting room for about 30-40secs, before realising my fear when it sent me back to the BlizzCon booking page, notifying me that the tickets were now unavailable.

Within seconds, just as my PC’s clock turned 03:00, tickets were all booked up! Knowing that you had an 8min timeout period, I still clung onto hope that one of three things would happen:

  • People who were group-buying tickets for their friends ended up having their friends also get in, so canceled their order for tickets.
  • People who weren’t prepared but so hyped about trying to get tickets, ended up fumbling through the form and timing out after 8mins.
  • People were jerks who were just going to sit on the ticket page and let it time out, without any intention of actually buying tickets.

Fortunately enough, I stuck around constantly refreshing the page “just in case” – I’d have given up after about 20mins and just tried again on Saturday otherwise, but sure enough a few minutes later, the “Unavailable” tag turned live again and again as I tried to get my ticket. Then finally at about 03:15 I managed to grab my ticket! I think I actually squeaked, thanks to the cold (totally…!) and am now looking forward to this November, when I’ll be heading out to my first BlizzCon – heck, my first convention altogether! I’m so stoked, it’s now just to book flights and hotels, and to extend my holiday at work as I originally just had the two convention days for the virtual ticket, and hopefully I’ll get to meet some awesome people while I’m down there!

Apologies for the lack of roundup earlier in the week, so I’ll do a quick one at the end of this post. I have to admit not an awful lot has gone on in the past week – with extra time off work last week I ended up writing an extra blog article, and updated my side-panel so that my Hero Spotlights in Heroes would be much easier to access, as I imagine when more and more heroes become spotlighted, it might be a bit more difficult to scroll through if you wanted to find out about one of the earlier spotlights such as Kerrigan or Tyrael. The gravity on the home brew was finally stable, so we bottled that up and we should be enjoying around 40 pints of bitter in around a couple of weeks time! It’s certainly a cheaper way to enjoy beer, but we’ll have to see how it tastes first.

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