Weekly Roundup: The Anonymity Clause


These weeks fly by faster than I can even think about what I’ve been doing in the week itself, I swear. This week’s weekly roundup is going to be fairly short, even though there has been much to talk about in the Blizziverse, let alone what other games I’ve played or what achievements I picked up in Civ5 this week… I’m going to have to start playing rush games in order to churn out those achievements soon enough, instead of having my hang-up of wanting to play the game to the Information Era and making my victory there. On the plus side, I managed to get my first culture victory since I got the Brave New World expansion, simply by getting influential with a couple of civs, and completely destroying the rest. It’s a kind of a macabre version of tourism: “LOVE ME OR BE OBLITERATED!”

So, on topic with the title above, I got to dress up in the store’s mascot costume over the weekend, in an attempt to raise money for charity. While it was incredibly successful and raised a lot of money for charity, I once again observed some interesting things about different customers and passers-by.

Firstly, the most generous people seemed to be older people and parents with young children – the latter mainly because of parents teaching their children about charity, and the fact that the kids just wanted to dance with the big mascot. Despite that, I still waved and danced at people of all ages, as well as people driving past in their vehicles going past the store, just to see the different kinds of reactions – who doesn’t like making a pretty girl smile anyway?

But the thing that surprised me the most, and continues to surprise me? The fact that I was waving at strangers and DANCING out in public. Whenever people tell me to do a little jig, even among friends, I always say that you have to get alcohol in me for my inhibitions to falter for me to dance. I’m willing to admit I’m pretty socially awkward at first, and that it takes a while to come out of my shell and be comfortable. However here I was, dressed up in a mascot costume, doing things completely uncharacteristic to my nature. I’ve dressed up in it plenty of times before at my old store, and the same results happened – colleagues have mentioned to me that it’s almost like it’s a different person inside the costume compared to when I’m outside.


So it got me thinking about how much people can potentially change when they’re hidden behind a mask. We see it all the time online – in places such as Call of Duty, the MOBA genre in general, and even in WoW in LFD and LFR we see people all the time that you have to sit back sometimes and wonder “Are they really like that in real life?” If they are, then I do feel sorry for them, but if not then it begs the question: Why does that anonymous mask turn somebody into something completely different to how they are in real life society?

I have to admit, among friends online I do try to stay true to myself, mainly because half of them have my Facebook or Twitter details and would easily catch me out otherwise. People in real life know I’m a geek that has played an unhealthy amount of WoW over the past decade. It’s only in this mascot suit that I’ve really been different to how I am normally, and I feel that’s mainly because I’m in a silly suit, why not be silly at the same time? I’m hidden behind a mask so I can’t embarrass myself too much, and I’m collecting for a good cause at the same time. By all means, I don’t become an asshole like in the examples above of the online anonymity, hell even in those circumstances where I queue solo for those games or parts of games, I don’t become an ass. I know that most of the time, people won’t be able to trace my name back to me, but I certainly don’t feel like I’m any different in solo queues to how I am when gaming with friends.

So what’s the science behind the anonymity clause? Do you guys feel that you act different when you know that actions you make can’t be traced back to you as a person in society? Do you try to separate your online life from your real life so that you can get away with releasing any built up tension to random strangers on the internet?

BlizzCon 2014 Announcement!

BlizzCon 2014Short post for today, but that’s because the news speaks for itself really! About half an hour ago, Blizzard just announced that BlizzCon is indeed going ahead this year with another convention late into the year! November 8th-9th is the time to book into your diaries, as well as those wishing to attend to make a note for May 8th (04:00 CET) and May 10th (19:00 CET) to try and grab those elusive tickets. I myself will be trying to get one, so fingers crossed that my terrible internet will hold up and get me through the webpages fast enough before they sell out!

The full blue-post below, or can be found here:

Steel thyself, O mortal realm of Anaheim! The eighth BlizzCon is coming to your Convention Center this Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8, 2014. Prepare for two relentless days of Blizzard gaming and fellowship, including in-depth discussion panels with Blizzard developers, hands-on opportunities with the latest Blizzard games, and intense eSports tournaments featuring top pro gamers from across the earthly plane.

Tickets for BlizzCon 2014 will go on sale in two batches, one on May 8 at 4 a.m. CET and the other on May 10 at 7 p.m. CET through the online event ticketing service Eventbrite, priced at $199 each (plus applicable taxes and fees). In addition, a limited number of tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon Benefit Dinner will go on saleWednesday, May 15 at 4 a.m. CET for $750 apiece (plus applicable taxes and fees; BlizzCon admission included), with proceeds benefitting Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Check out the BlizzCon Ticket webpage for more information—we’ve made some changes to how ticket sales work this year, and fortune favors the prepared!

If you can’t make it to the show in person, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is the next best thing, offering comprehensive live coverage of the event via a multichannel Internet stream. Further details on the Virtual Ticket, including pricing, availability, and programming information, will be announced at a later date.

See the full press release or check out the BlizzCon Ticket page for more information, and be sure visitwww.blizzcon2014.eventbrite.com at the dates and times above for a chance to purchase a ticket to the show. See you in Anaheim!


Weekly Roundup: Dwarf-style


So I’ve brushed off my Paladin again this week, opting to go for the tanking path of WoW for the majority of my gaming this week. Still trying to get his legendary cloak, he’s been slowly getting 2 Titan Runestones per week, with the rest of the bosses in ToT and SoO proving fruitless other than the guaranteed drops. It’s certainly been interesting to note that every single time I’ve tanked LFR this week, I’ve been with a boosted-90 co-tank. Despite my initial fear of the runs being terrible because of them being boosted, I decided “why the hell not?” and continued with the runs.

Surprisingly enough, the runs went pretty smoothly, and wipes were minimal! Wipes that did occur were largely because of lack of DPS or lack of healing or whatever, but out of all the wipes, only one was due to a tank fail. Apparently, I’m a friendly guy and had about 6 people try to grab my real ID because of how friendly and informative I was to them in explaining the fights and what they needed to do as tanks… Conversations that largely went like this:

  • Co-tank: “Hi, what do I do on this fight?”
  • Me: “Do you have DBM or BigWigs installed?”
  • Co-tank: “Yes.”
  • Me: “Good. That’ll tell you when to taunt”
  • Co-tank: “Thanks!”


Of course, there are other fights that require a little more explaining, but due to my Paladin’s gear (and bubble-hax in ToT), I ended up solo tanking what I could or generally taking the dogsbody tasks of going up towers on Galakras or picking up adds on Sha with running to the far prison unlock, and letting the other tank solo tank and moving slightly for the prisons. I’m beginning to think that LFR horror stories aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be… Or I just got lucky and actually had people that listened to what I told them.

I’m slowly building up his Ret spec so he’s actually got a DPS spec to play around with… The main problem being that because of so much gear sharing with Protection that I’ve run into the same problem that my Druid has of shared gear. The problem is magnified for the Paladin because of the fact he has less gear opportunities to choose from, and he’s too poor being stranded on a server away from my Druid, so he can’t afford enchant/gem switches each time. Nevertheless, he’s beginning to catch up to my Monk’s damage, so I might have a respectable alt on Alliance side for DPS purposes soon enough! I just need to practice a little more with Ret to get the flow working properly, alongside setting up WeakAuras to tell me how to play (maybe even pick up clcRet if it still works).

Pleaxaco 291

Outside of the game, I’ve been enjoying another classic Dwarf pastime – the art of ale! I got my father a home brewing kit for his birthday, to follow up the Woodforde’s Wherry brew mix I got him for Christmas. So because of us both having a day off on the same day this Easter weekend, and with the weather appearing to begin to warm up, we started brewing our first brew! It was pretty fun as far as father-son bonding sessions go, and I’m certainly looking forward to reap our efforts in a few weeks time. Although having said that, for our first brew I’m pretty sure it’s going to go awful and we’ll end up having to pour 40 pints down the drain. If it works out though, yay for cheap beer! It’ll certainly be something I’d be interested in continuing at the very least, especially during the summer. Easter Sunday’s afternoon was also filled with us hosting for 10 in a family gathering – we all certainly had a great time, and as always it’s fantastic to see everyone!