BurnoutAs you might expect from the lateness of this post, I’m currently suffering from a bit of the dreaded WoW burnout. This comes a little bit of a surprise to myself in fact, because these kinds of things usually happen at the mid-end patch cycle, not barely a month into it – especially the final tier of an expansion when it’s going to be the longest tier of the expansion. I’ve far from quit raiding or doing my daily professions, but all the other things I did ingame, I’ve found myself struggling to motivate myself to do.

What’s caused it? Possibly a number of things: Firstly, I never really got the burnout from the end of ToT, and I’ve found myself needing these times away from WoW to be able to enjoy playing the game in the long run. With the new guild and all the fantastic people I’ve met through there, I never really wanted to drop the game outside of raiding, as I was forging many new friendships that are likely going to last a few years (hopefully). Even though we weren’t officially raiding the last few weeks of the patch, and I could have gone to play some Dota or Civ V or other games I have in my Steam library, I found myself wanting to be in WoW. Perhaps that burnout I needed has transgressed over to now, once all the new patch hype has gone down.


Another reason for my particular burnout is that I’ve recently reached one of my milestones that I’ve been aiming to get for a portion of this expansion: I finally reached my 20k achievement point milestone (which, on a quiet server like Nagrand, also means top on achievement points)! With that out of the way, I look through my achievements list and think “Do I aim for 21k? Maybe that’s too low for another target milestone?” or aim for the missing metas such as Battlemaster or Khan, as well as finishing off Dark Animus heroic to get my Skyscreamer – perhaps even pushing for Flex achievement runs for SoO Glory? It’s certainly an aspect of the game that’s kept me playing outside of raid hours in my search for more achievements to farm for. But now I’m 50k richer from my race to 20k, I no longer find myself really motivated to grab those extra achievements – server-wise I’m the head of the dog by a small margin (around 110pts) so keeping ahead of the competition will be a minigame for me, but other than that, the achievement game is done for me, for now.

I previously wrote an article about the TImeless Isle, and it’s safe to say that I’ve spent my time there poorly in these first few weeks of the patch. As the main thing to do if you don’t do PvP in this patch, and you have to wait around to do raiding in the evenings, I may or may not have spent long enough there now to only really log in to do my 20 elite kills per day. I haven’t even grinded Shaohao reputation to exalted yet, which comes as a surprise to myself. I had fun grinding it with guildies, but once one of them hit exalted and suffered from Timeless burnout, I found that instead of killing the Yaungol elites for the daily like I should be doing for even more rep, I’m just killing Gulp Frogs with the 4 Timeless buffs and being done in less than 10mins. As a Moonkin, the Yaungol are just a PITA with barely being able to cast a single spell before having to move again. At least with a melee class I can generally keep a rotation going on the move!

PvP hasn’t really interested me too much with this patch. I don’t know why, but with arena’s “The Crowd Chooses You!” buff, which I was initially quite happy for, it seems that there are some comps that, if they can’t kill you in the first 30secs, will just turtle effectively for 15mins, making sure that every 3mins they get you lower than you can get them. The 15% damage reduction Moonkins lost has certainly been felt, and I’m definitely sticking to Resto in PvP this season, but with that buff in arenas, I just dread seeing Priest/Warrior combos, amongst many others. I haven’t really found a team for 3s yet, and haven’t had much time to find an RBG team. I know I can do both arena and RBGs cross server and technically I’m still able to do PvP with them, but the realm divide still makes people prefer same-server groups. Well that, and I’m a bit poo in PvP, and haven’t caught up with S14 items like a good Druid should have. So yeah, the WoW burnout has affected my motivation to even do PvP, even though I’ve barely touched it in weeks! I’ll be waiting a little longer for my Gorgeous, Battlemaster and Khan titles in random BGs it seems.


So now, with the WoW burnout, I’ve decided to pace myself a lot more, and I’ve found myself to largely be a raid logger for now until I gain interest in the non-raiding side of the game again. I’m still playing with guildies – there’s a small group of us playing Terraria at the moment and getting grips with the game before the 1.2 update arrives. At first, I was a little dubious of my enjoyment of the game, being told it was a little bit like Minecraft with more focus on the creatures you’re killing. Then barely a few hours into the game and we’re suddenly going across corruption straight into a dungeon while I’m still kicking around in copper armour, an iron sword and 100 health made for a lot of deaths. Now however, with power levels over 9000, we’ve unlocked hardmode and it is a fair bit more fun, with a healthy dosage of trolling along the side too!

I’ve still been tempted to go to my other burnout games, such as Dota 2 and Civ V, but as always I ultimately play where my friends are at, so Terraria is the top option for me at the moment! How do you guys deal with burnout? Do you detect it early and pace yourself before total burnout happens and you can’t find yourself launching the game any more? Or do you not really suffer from burnout from WoW in any case, happily content with the way you pace yourself ingame anyway?

Have a good week, and apologies for the late post today – I kind of found myself with many topics to write about, but none with the motivation to write an article about. Oops.


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