Connected Realms: So it Begins…


Update: In order to implement our first Connected Realms, Boulderfist and Bloodscalp will be taken down for an extended maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 25, at 3:00 a.m. PDT until approximately 11:00 a.m. PDT. During this time these realms will be unavailable for play. Additional realm connections are planned for the near future, and we’ll be posting a full list at as soon as we’ve finalized the details.

Nethaera posted on the forums yesterday to give us a brief update on the status of connected realms, letting us know that the first two connected realms will happen today! For those that haven’t been on the internet anywhere regarding WoW recently, connected realms are a new feature coming into WoW that will (as the name says on the tin) connect realms. This is to combat the crippling decline of server populations, and hopefully bring the life back into the game again, with regards to capital cities, the auction house and PUG runs in /2. It’s basically an improved version of CRZ’s that we have at the moment, apart from it will always be the same realm you’re linked with, so you can do things with these realms that CRZ’s are limited toward.

First and foremost, this includes being able to see each other in Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Pandaria without having to get them to group with someone from your realm to get there. It also links the Auction Houses so that the supply of items should go up, which is a huge bane for some of us on quieter realms when suddenly you can’t find any Vermilion Onyx’s or other items to buy. Of course, demand will also go up, so the moneymakers among you will also be able to swindle some poor player out of far too much money than what they should have had in the first place. People on Connected Realms are also able to raid current content, and even join guilds without having to pay for a server transfer (but you have to be on the same realm list).

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good idea with little to no bad points about it. Having only moved to Nagrand recently, I can’t say I’m as close to the server community as I was to Doomhammer, so my initial backlash has all but become moot in my point of view – though there may be others who do share that point of view that I did. As mentioned above, the first two realms to receive this treatment will be Boulderfist and Bloodscalp on the US realms, to be used as guinea pigs for the rest of us. If they make it work smoothly and efficiently, we should find out more realms that will be connected in the near future afterwards. From what I’ve heard and read, the things that will be taken into consideration for which realms you will be merged with are things such as:

  • PvE realms will always be linked with PvE realms, same with PvP link with PvP, RP with RP and RPPVP with RPPVP
  • Same data centers – so for us EU players realms on one of the Frankfurt data centers won’t be paired up with realms on one of the Paris centers.
  • Faction balance will be taken into account, but we won’t see a 1:1 split A:H – Blizzard have purposefully allowed CR’s to be delayed into 5.4 to see what server populations are like when the new patch dropped, considering many people likely quit playing toward the end of ToT, and will try to balance things out slightly.

All extremely exciting times for those of us on smaller realms. For the larger realms, I believe that they’re not going to be touched by this feature, so they have nothing to worry about. What do you guys think? Looking forward to the Connected Realms, or would you prefer to be hidden away on your own realm where you know everybody already? Is there any part of the CR’s that you’re especially looking forward to, or even ones that you’re not looking forward to?

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