Fun Speculation: Ideas For Future Expansions


Another fun speculation thread to start the week off about where the future of the world (of Warcraft) will take us. This time, it’s extending the ideas presented in my previous Fun Speculation article and expanding on them slightly. Some people from my old guild may recognise a lot of today’s article, as it is based upon my thoughts from before this summer.

The Burning Legion

The Draenei/Velen needs to do something, they haven’t had action since TBC. The most obvious way to bring them into the game more than just odd characters here and there (I do love Mishka though) would be to have a Burning Legion-focused expansion.

However, what Blizzard’s problem is for me at the moment is that we’re too quick to kill “big bads” – every expansion we’ve been to we’ve killed the big bad, [spoilers]though Mists might be the exception to this rule as Garrosh is currently awaiting trial until 5.5[/spoilers]. There are overarching storylines continuing across multiple expansions involving the Burning Legion and the Old Gods, but that’s mainly because they are hugely powerful enemies that we have to chip away one by one.

Fighting Sargeras this soon would be a bad move by Blizzard. It might bring people back, but it’ll have the Lich King effect where once he’s “dead”, people will believe that the Warcraft storyline will be largely over. And truly, what larger threat is there than the Destroyer of Worlds himself? Multiple Old Gods at once? The rest of the Pantheon that decide that Azeroth needs to be re-originated? We’ll be getting to Super Saiyan levels of power that will just end up being non-realistic.

However, what could happen, considering the epicness that has evolved from Mists of Pandaria, is go to a relatively unknown destination and have an expansion based around that – let’s not forget that Blizz have something big in store for Alleria and Turalyon after they went missing in Outland… Why not activate one of Outland’s dimensional gateways (or, more likely, portals in SW/Org) and explore Xoroth? Like Pandaria, the only things we know of it is the name and one or two native races there, and has massive potential for a great storyline. It’ll be a stepping stone of an “unknown” boss that could be built up with a pre-expansion event, with hopefully plenty of opportunity to build him up over the course of the expansion in patches and whatnot, like Lei Shen was for Pandaria.

Other planets we know of are: Xerrath which is completely destroyed, and apparently not worth going to according to the Warlock quest chain; K’aresh the Ethereal homeworld, maybe destroyed in the same fashion of Outland as Dimensius the All-Devouring opened up many portals were opened like on Outland – it could be a potential patch at least unless we were given more lore and reason to go there; Argus, homeworld of the Eredar and potentially a stronghold of the Burning Legion would be similar to Xoroth, but likely the place to have the showdown against Kil’jaeden.


South Seas

There’s still opportunities for exploration in Azeroth. Personally, I think we’ve had enough of our own world and need to go travelling in space again, but there’s still the avenue of the South Seas, especially with the Zandalari Trolls on the brink of extinction, we still haven’t seen King Rastakhan and the Prophet Zul. The Human kingdom of Kul Tiras has been missing for years, and many expected it to be in Cataclysm when Tol Barad was announced to be making a comeback.

There’s also Tel Abim, Plunder Isle/Hiji, The Broken Isles with the Tomb of Sargeras (and Gul’dan’s final resting place). It would also be an excellent place to continue the Naga/Old God/Neptulon storyline with the inclusion of Nazjatar and its nearby places of interest. Although with the negative feedback of Vashj’ir we may not see too much of the underwater side of the expansion.

Nevertheless, Queen Azshara needs to be dealt with sooner or later, and she’ll likely be a target before we take the fight to Sargeras.

The Emerald Nightmare

Although the Nightmare is no longer a threat thanks to the Stormrage novel, it’s still a fan favourite to check out the place, especially as parts of it have been created. Plus, if several years had gone by, because the green dragonflight are being bitchy by just saying that the mortal races can take care of things, we’ll likely see some kind of resurgence of N’Zoth and the Nightmare. It could be massive, as the Dream is the blueprint of Azeroth.

Think Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria, and more that was blasted beneath the sea 10,000 years ago. That’s how big the Dream is. The only problem with it is that most of it is going to be boring landscape as mortal hands haven’t touched it, so we’ll likely only focus where the Maelstrom is current day, at the Rift of Aln. The Rift is also speculated to be an entry into the Twisting Nether (demonland) or the Great Dark Beyond (space), so we might see that feed into another Legion expansion.

The Spider Kingdom

I can’t really explain it better than this guy, who’s made it his personal project to make this look as awesome as possible. It involves going back to Northrend, but there really was a missed opportunity when Blizzard decided to pull the zone from the Lich King concept stage. It could also progress the Bolvar storyline and bring him back to the front along with Sylvanas too.


Caverns of Time

How I would love an expansion where we get to go to Azeroth’s past and help out at different locations and times, for example War of the Ancients (yes it was in Cata, but it really wasn’t justified as Blizzard saying they’d look at it ), the War of the Three Hammers, the War of the Shifting Sands, the Troll Wars, the Pandaren Revolution, etc.

The Bronze Dragonflight are out of action, and it would be a very off-topic expansion, but it’s just a dream of mine. The Infinites may have been stopped when Murozond died, but timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly means that in some strands of time, they may still exist and the Timewalkers have taken over the duty of the Bronze. Plus, with the ongoing questline on the Timless Isle from Kairoz, there certainly seems to be a new storyline creeping onto our doorsteps with regards to the Bronze Dragonflight.

We could then use what we learn from the battles of the past to fight our tough battles of the future (mortals vs Titans).

Old Gods

We know of at least 5 existing according to Warcraft III lore. So far we know of C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, N’Zoth and Y’Shaarj. There’s still one more out there, and we still need to take care of N’Zoth too. We’ll have an expansion based in Azeroth at some point (unless we team with Old God to defeat Sargeras) in order to firstly find out who this is.


Realistically, I’d probably see the expansion cycle go like this, in my opinion (so nothing has been said and I will probably have lots of people tell me I’m wrong):
MoP > Xoroth > South Seas (with a patch of the Emerald Dream, merging the Rift near Nazjatar with the Rift of Aln) > Argus > Battle for Survival Against Sargeras.

If the Spider Kingdom and Caverns of Time were included, they’ll likely be between Xoroth and South Seas and between Argus and Battle for Survival respectively.


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