Making a (Player) House a Home


Bit of an old screenshot above, and those veterans of WoW may know what it was theorised to originally be content saved for. The rest of you have probably noticed the title above and have put two and two together to make five – today we’re talking player housing!

Sunsong Ranch is probably the closest we have to player housing at the moment, though its options are fairly limited for customisation. You get to add things based on your reputation with different members of the Tillers, but then it just kind of sits there and you just farm 16 plots of land each day at the most. Its old owner was fairly annoying, but since taking over the ownership of the farm I haven’t really had much use for it – the weeds around my pumpkins must be dire! Especially when 6.0 rolls around, we’ll no longer really have a use for the Ranch and it’ll likely end up as another relic to no longer be used… And player housing is the kind of content you want to continue through expansions, really.


One issue that would have to be taken into consideration would be where to place the housing, if it were to be implemented. There are a lot of players per server, especially if you take into account those that no longer play – would you have to reserve the space for them? The only viable option would be to have the houses phased (as much as I’d love to be the annoying neighbour). but then that would break immersion, and Blizzard has said that their only gripe about the Ranch is that you couldn’t see anyone else and you could hide away. If the next expansion was The Dark Below, with parts of the Emerald Dream being uncovered (if the /v/ leak is to be believed), we could find enough space there – especially with the idea that the Emerald Dream is in fact a blue-print of Azeroth, so anything could go theoretically! If only I could get Ji-Kun’s room into there, then it’d be perfect…

Perhaps instead of player housing, where we make the place look just right for ourselves, to promote a bit more community there could be a guild inn, or guild castle? How about new guild levels, with level 30 being the unlock for ‘guild premises’ in whatever city you wish, full with art styles linked to the environment it’s in. You could include things like a trophy room with the heads of bosses you’ve killed, have certain areas only certain ranks can enter, a bar that you can buy drinks at, with the money spent going into the guild bank. Perhaps different guild achievements could unlock different sections and perks?

What do you guys think? Should we have housing in the game, or do you think development time would be better used elsewhere? Do you like to hide away from the crowds of Nagrand and its soon to be connected realms, or would you prefer to see people out and about and in the cities? What other perks would be fun for the guild castle to have?


3 thoughts on “Making a (Player) House a Home

  1. The whole concept of a guild housing makes me really happy, if effort is put into it, it could very well be potentially a brilliant addition to the game.

    Player housing has less of an effect on me, I’d rather they put more stuff into the world for me to spend time doing, than being confined to one spot. Don’t get me wrong, I would enjoy it, and would add a nice slice to the game, but in that area, personal player housing wouldn’t add much to the enjoyment of the game for me. I’d prefer to be either interacting with people, or actively engaging in doing something that would further improve my character.

    Guild housing, with expanded guild perks would make me want to throw my money at Blizzard in the flash of an eye. Being in there in game and on mumble and would be a nice way to spend the time with people in the guild.

  2. Thinking about exclusivity could be an issue. Would you let any guild that wants one be able to create one and then how much of the aesthetics would there be to customize? Would a guild with a higher PvE or PvP ranking get better looking things to deck the place out or would it be based on guild levels?

    • The PvP/PvE divide could be an interesting thing to see – seeing as PvP players unlikely to have the head of Lei Shen hanging on their wall, for example.
      Although I could see perhaps guild achievements for winning 100 RBG wins in Warsong Gulch for example, to have either a tattered Warsong Outriders banner hanging up somewhere, or a pristine Silverwing banner – for attaining different arena ranks through (and its previous ranks) there could be emblems hung up in the trophy room that become more ornate for higher ranks.

      It’d have to have a high cost though, either through buying the premises in the first place and making decoration cheap, or just unlocking it at a certain guild level and have a cost for decorating/adding utilities such as guild bank, guild vendor, etc inside it.

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